15 reasons to date a zookeeper


Zookeeper with gorilla at ZSL London Zoo

Is going to the zoo your favourite summer day out? Well it could also be housing the man or woman of your dreams. The lovely people at ZSL London Zoo – the world’s oldest scientific zoo – told us their top tips for why zookeepers are some of the most dateable people on the planet.

1. They’re a rare breed. There are only 108 zoos, wildlife parks or aquariums in the whole of the UK according to the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquaria (BIAZA) membership base.

2. They are making the world a better place. Modern zoos like ZSL London Zoo are conservation centres, involved in supporting animal conservation programmes around the world as well as breeding some of the world’s most endangered animals

3. You’ll pick up some great pub quiz trivia. You’ll know your marsupials from your marmosets in no time.

4. They are physically fit. Working outdoors all day keeps zookeepers in top physical condition.

5. They’ll never have boring work stories. Less about filing, more about flamingos.

6. They’re very patient. Whether it’s training a tiger or weighing a meerkat, patience is always the key ingredient.

7. You can tell all your friends that you’re dating a zookeeper. You’ll become exotic by association.

8. They aren’t afraid of getting dirty. It’s not all feeding baby penguins – zookeepers spend a lot of time clearing up after the animals they look after, which means they will have perfected their sweeping and window cleaning skills. Perfect for off-loading some of that boring housework.

9. They love adventure holidays. A zookeeper’s passion for wildlife doesn’t end at work so expect to travel together to far-flung destinations to see the local flora and fauna in person.

10. You could get VIP treatment.Fingers crossed that special behind-the-scenes access extends to loved-ones!

11. They sometimes take their work home with them – in a good way. In very special circumstances, a zookeeper will hand-rear a baby animal if its parents abandon it. Including sometimes taking it home if it needs 24 hour care.

12. Free zoo visits for the kids. If you decide to start a family together you know they’ll always be somewhere to keep the kids occupied during those long school holidays.

13. They’re naturally nurturing. It’s in their job description, right?

14. They go the extra mile. Caring for a collection of creatures isn’t a nine to five job. When an animal is pregnant or ill zookeepers will often work beyond the call of duty (including the odd all-nighter).

15. You can finally adopt that cat you always wanted. Well, a zookeeper isn’t likely to be allergic to cat hair are they?



Any we’ve missed? Are you currently dating a zookeeper? Tell us in the comments.

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