Dating 2019: this year’s top 6 dating trends revealed


dating 2019


The future of dating is already here with holograms, DNA matching, VR dating and Alexa playing love coach all set to make an impact on your search for love. Here’s our six favourite dating trends for 2019.

1. DNA matching

Major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes, which regulate our immune systems – and relate to taste and smell – are thought to influence mate choice. Evolutionarily speaking, it’s best to pair up with a partner who possesses different immune genes, to give greater protection to any offspring.

This year, we’re seeing the green shoots of a DNA matching movement, with companies like Pheramoar and DNA Romance measuring compatibility based on cheek swabs and body scents. Imperial College London suggests that this data could eventually be fed into algorithms to combine matching based on chemistry with long-term compatibility based on personality traits and values.

2. Hologram dating

Japanese company, Gatebox, has created a pocket-sized hologram ‘girlfiend’ called Azuma Hikari. She lives inside of a small transparent jar equipped with a stereo speaker, camera, tracking and light sensors. She has the ability to send texts, chat and control appliances inside the home. Meanwhile, technology is already available which could see you beamed live on to a first date, in real-size dimensions.

3. Home assistants helping your love life

Today, virtual assistants can already run through your matches on eharmony, give a summary of share messages, round up your daily activity and deliver profile pictures to your smartphone.

In the near future, listening devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home could also be able to diagnose the health of a relationship by cleverly responding to language and audio cues. They could intervene when things go wrong, according to a report with Imperial College London. In this way, AI could help democratise costly relationship counselling.

4. Conscious dating

When it comes to online dating, singles only have the capacity to communicate effectively with seven new people per week. This finding comes from a study by University of Oxford in collaboration with eharmony who analysed 150,000 profiles and found 95% of users send requests to 12 new people at most per week, and reply to no more than seven.

Therefore, it could be that this year sees a rise in so-called ‘conscious dating’, with more investment in getting to know a finite group of singles and less aimless swiping.

5. Sober dating

A quarter of singles admit to drinking on dates for ‘Dutch courage’. However, 27% have slept with someone while under the influence and later wished they hadn’t – with single men (19%) slightly more likely than women (16%) to admit to doing so.

These downsides are arguably forging a change in attitudes, particularly for younger generations. Half of singles (49%) admit that sober dating allows them to see a potential partner’s true personality.

6. VR dates

2019 will mark the true dawn of VR dating:  using headsets to interact with other singles as ‘avatars’ without leaving your home. Just think you could even spend your date in a virtual jungle location or dancing on the moon together. With Condé Nast and Facebook already debuting a VR dating show, this technology is certainly a step beyond the average wine bar.

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