Top 3 Creative Date ideas for Bristol


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“I was thinking we could have some dinner and go to the cinema?”

Cue awkward pause as the other person fails to be impressed by the least imaginative date idea ever.

Now we’re not saying that dinner and a film doesn’t have its place, but every so often, particularly in the early days, there is surely scope to get a bit more creative, especially in a city like Bristol? Aside then from the usual museums, galleries and theatres, where is the best place for dating in Bristol if you want to show your creative side?

Bristol Folk House

folk house cafe

When you think ‘Adult Education Centre’ you might be forgiven for imagining a class of pensioners, awkwardly repeating French phrases in unison, but Bristol Folk House is about as far from this as you can get.

Located on trendy Park Street, it offers a whole range of activities from cartooning to belly dancing, as well as a cosy café serving delicious homemade treats. A one day workshop would work for newbie daters, but if you’re feeling more confident, why not take the plunge and suggest a six week course?

Price guide – day workshops start from around £10.

Date score – 8/10 for creativity with bonus points if you’re prepared to risk humiliation in a dance class.

The Pottery Shed

pottery shed

Think Patrick Swayze, fingers entwined around moist clay, romantic tension building. Seriously, who could fail to fall in love over a potter’s wheel?

At The Pottery Shed in Bradley Stock, Brenda van der Berg teaches would be potters how to get to grips with clay, at the same time as creating a relaxing environment for you and your date to get to know each other in. Even better, you’ll have something to take away with you as a reminder of your date, giving you something to bore the grandchildren with for years to come.

Price guide – prices start from £30 per person for a three hour taster session.

Date score – full marks for Ghost style romance. Deduct points if your pot flies off the wheel and hits your date in the face.

Bristol Blue Glass

bristol blue glass

Bristol is famous for its beautiful blue glass but not everyone knows that you can actually see it being made at the Bristol Blue Glass Factory. As well as getting the behind the scenes creative experience, there is also a gorgeous gift shop – the perfect opportunity for you and your date to buy each other thoughtful gifts.

If you reckon you’d be a dab hand at glassmaking you can book onto a full course, or just test your skills with a ‘blow your own bauble’ experience.

Price guide – Basic admission is free, with extra charges for guided visits, drinks and nibbles. It’s £12.50 to blow your own glass bauble.

Date score – 6/10 for creativity but extra marks if you blow your own glass without sniggering.


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