3 signals men use to decode relationships



It’s a commonly accepted fact that men and women struggle to understand each other at the best of times. When women give off a mass of mixed signals, men simplify the process by paring their body language down to the basics. Here are three cues you give out – and how men often interpret them.

Relationship cue 1: Eye contact
Your eye contact is the first thing a man will notice – hold his gaze across a crowded room for more than five seconds and he’s going to assume you’re interested in him. It doesn’t matter whether you were gawping at his terrible dress sense or trying to work out if you knew him, he’ll think that’s his cue to make a move.

Additionally, playing it cool and specifically not looking at him, in the hope he does the running, is unlikely to work. Men go by what they see – if you’re gazing at him, it’s a green light, if you’re talking intently with your friends, you’re not interested.

Relationship cue 2: Body language
The first few times you date someone who could potentially be a love interest, you’re both looking for visual cues to find out how the other person feels.  If you’re interested, this isn’t the time to be an ice queen. Granted, don’t drape yourself all over him either, but give something away about how you feel. It’s not rocket science: laugh at his jokes, touch him on the arm and lean in to talk to him.

Conversely, don’t let your eyes glaze over, don’t look around the room and don’t check your phone while he’s talking. Men aren’t mind readers, and if they think you’re not interested, they won’t be calling you again – after all, why should a man put his ego on the line if he thinks you’re going to reject him?

Relationship cue 3: What you say
What you say in conversation is another cue to a man. You may think that men don’t pay much attention to what you say, but trust us, when you wax lyrical about an ex, he’s going to notice and pull away. Similarly, if you talk about the number of men you’ve dated, he’ll think you’re saying he’s just the next in a long line of suitors. Use what you say as a way to show him you’re interested – tell him what a great time you’ve had (assuming you have of course), and hint that you’d love to see him again.

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