5 brilliant ways date on a budget


Dating is a pretty integral part of finding that special someone, but going out all the time can make a hefty dent in your wallet even if you always going Dutch. Dinner, drinks, transport, even a new outfit or two can soon stack up.

Maybe you’re looking for a new job, find it hard to stretch your pennies to the end of the month or just don’t want to spend a fortune on your dating lifestyle. Whichever applies,  to help ensure you have at least a little spare change when you get off the dating roundabout, here are 5 brilliant ways to date on a budget.

1.    Use a voucher or a deal
You might be nervous about doing this, but when we asked our Advice community about this very topic, 65% of people said they wouldn’t be offended if their date used a voucher, and an additional 23% said they would be willing to give their date another chance even if they didn’t like them using a voucher.

Vouchers are everywhere these days, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of using them. A very well-known pizza restaurant chain practically insists its customers use vouchers. After all, if a voucher means you can make the gesture of paying for the meal, or can go somewhere a little bit fancier, then your date should be happy! The only thing you shouldn’t do is make a big deal about using a voucher. Your date will appreciate your subtlety.

2.    Do something home-made
‘Home-made’ doesn’t need to only mean your unsuccessful banana cake, or attempts to darn your socks. It’s a basic fact that going DIY is cheaper (unless we’re talking the kind of DIY where you fuse your whole house by mistake), and can be far more special.  The obvious way to go home-made is to cook your date dinner at home, rather than taking them out. This way, you control the menu, and you can show off your cooking skills. And yes, if you’re clever with using ingredients again, you don’t need to end up out of pocket.

Not sure your cooking skills are up to scratch? How about a picnic if the weather’s nice enough? Even if you’re the most unskilled chef, a few posh sandwiches shouldn’t be beyond you. All you need then is a picnic basket, some extra snacks and maybe a bottle of cava (who needs Champagne?) if you fancy it.

3.    Experience something beautiful
A shared experience is a wonderful way to get to know someone well. You can see how they react to it, and it can give you lots to talk about. One great way to share an experience is to visit or view something striking or beautiful – and the great part is that these things are usually free! Take your date to see your favourite countryside view as the sun starts to set, or show them your favourite painting or sculpture.

4.    Do something simple particularly well
Not everything needs to be done to excess; there is definitely something to be said for just a little bit of what you fancy. Yeah, you might not be able to afford a fancy meal out, but can you splash out on just one really great glass of wine? Or maybe you know somewhere near you that serves the best coffee and most delicious cake ever? Most people would rather have one really good thing instead of lots of kind of ok things, and that provides a great starting point for a conversation on the ‘best’ you’ve ever had of something.

5.    See what your city has to offer
Anyone who lives in or near a town or city in the UK and complains they have nothing to do on a weekend just isn’t looking hard enough. We’re lucky in the UK that many of our cities’ galleries, museums and other attractions are free- so why not take advantage of them? Obviously London is jam-packed, but there are free attractions all over the UK, from Provost Skene’s house in Aberdeen, via the Baltic in Newcastle, and down to the Royal Cornwall Museum. Plus, wandering around an art gallery or museum on a date ensures the conversation never dries up (even if you don’t click as you’d hoped!)

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