5 Old Fashioned Dating Tips We Still Need in 2015


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 Darren from DatingPriceGuide has 5 tips to help bring some old school appeal and romance back to modern dating.

With the constant onslaught of modern technology and people interacting behind the screen of a smart phone or computer screen, the old school etiquette of romancing someone is dying a slow painful death! The art of wooing a potential love interest with flowers or whispering sweet nothings into their ear is now replaced with an emoji or a meme. You may think the practice of physically interacting with someone is out-dated since the advent of online dating, but I say the need for old-fashioned dating skills are still very much a necessity for the modern day man and woman. Sure it doesn’t take a genius to realise that online dating is an awesome way to connect with someone but to create the perfect dating experience you need a pinch of old with a dash of new! Yes you can still text, email and Facebook to your heart’s content, but one can also learn a lot from using a few vintage pointers!


1. Actually ask someone out on a real life date!

You can ‘hang out’ with your friends but for someone you like romantically you should ask them out officially. Don’t downplay what it really is you’re doing. It’s not “just chilling” or some meeting. You are allowed to call it a date and whether you’re a boy or girl there are no rules as to who asks whom… as long one of you asks!


2. Dress to impress

Unless you are going paintballing for the date or camping in the woods, then make an effort. You may not want to appear too keen so forget the full-length ball gown, but you should want to show yourself off. Try that outfit you were saving for ‘a special occasion’ and own it!


3. Arrive with a small gesture or gift

Flowers are always traditional and nice but this isn’t your only option. You just need a little something to show that you thoughtful, whether it’s a gift of their favourite penny sweets, some fruit or even something entirely random that says, “Hi, I just wanted you to know that I care.”  A great tip is to read through their profile and dig out something that shows them you have put the effort in to listen to their interests and likes.


4. Don’t spend your time on your phone

Give your date your full attention and engage face to face, not through occasional pauses when you look up from your phone. It’s important to communicate on a personal level especially when getting to know someone. Plus it’s just plain rude to give your phone more attention than your date!


5. Be respectful of yourself and your date

As well as being a gentleman, don’t assume too much on the first date with regards to taking things further. Neither of you are under any obligation to head straight into a relationship nor getting physical. You may have hit it off online and clicked straight away, but after your first official date you can hit the breaks at any time. Take things slow and enjoy dating before it gets too serious far too quickly.


Prove that romance isn’t dead by rolling back the years and you will be on your way to a loving relationship based on mutual respect & thoughtfulness.

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