5 reasons photographs make the most romantic gifts


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Looking for an anniversary gift that will stand out from the crowd? Look no further than a photograph, writes Verity Hogan in association with Cheerz.

1. A picture says a thousand words

The great thing about giving a photograph as a gift is that it says many different things at once. A photo from a particularly romantic moment can instantly transport you back that you feel those emotions all over again. Or you could give your favourite photo of your partner to show them how you see them. A photo book is also be a great way of telling your love story without words – and it’s a unique keepsake that will stand the test of time.

2. It’s a rare treat

Gone are the days when we develop a print of every photograph we take and it’s now rare that they end up anywhere but your phone’s camera roll. The fact that printed photographs are such a rarity makes them an especially romantic gift. Whether you choose to blow up a favourite image or choose a selection in standard 6×4 from a bespok supplier such as Cheerz, the sentiment will shine through.

3. They can double as décor

What better way to show your love than by hanging it on the wall for all to see? You can have your photograph printed onto a canvas or make it a part of your everyday life by creating a photo keyring, mug or even a fridge magnet. That way, it’ll become a gift that keeps on giving, bringing joy every time your loved one sees it.

4. They freeze a moment in time

In an ever-more disposable culture where the primary repository of our memories are digital servers, a well-chosen photographic print gives a permanence to moments in our life that cannot be replicated online.

5. Small gestures mean so much more

You may think big romantic gestures – surprise trips, a delivery of two dozen roses – make the most impact but a recent study by eharmony found that these are the least desirable. Instead, 62% of people asked would prefer a smaller gesture. So, even though it may just be a photograph, we promise it’ll mean more than you know.

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