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new year dating


Have you made plans for New Year’s Eve? Are you heading to the pub with friends, or maybe going to a big party? Whatever you’re doing, you might be wondering if you’ll get a kiss at midnight. Now is not the time for procrastination – if you want a new year date, it’s time to take action. Here are five tips to help you welcome in the new year with someone on your arm:

1.    Become the person you’d want to date
The post-Christmas blues can leave you feeling deflated, dejected and just not in the right frame of mind for dating. But if your goal is to get a date for that New Year’s bash, then it’s time to give yourself a kick up the behind. Pick out a great outfit, have your hair done or simply draw up your new year’s resolutions to get yourself energised. If you’re feeling ambitious, make concrete plans to do something new in the coming months, such as booking yourself on a climbing course, or planning a holiday to somewhere you’ve never been. By heading to that party with a spring in your step and an air of confidence you’ll hugely increase your chances of getting a kiss at midnight.

2.    Get online – or get better online
You might need to get a move on with this, but dating online unlocks a whole world of potential partners – and New Year dates. eharmony alone has over 1 million registrants, which is a pretty big extension to your social group. Plus, over five million people in the UK have tried online dating, so you’re in good company.

If you’ve already got an online dating profile, it might be time to refresh it a little. Take a look at the photos you’ve uploaded and what you’ve written, asking yourself these questions:

•    Are my photos varied, and do I look happy and relaxed in them?
•    Do I sound happy and positive?
•    Do I convey the kind of person I’m truly looking for?
•    Is this the best possible representation of me?
•    Does my profile stand out from the crowd?

3.    Get set up
Your friendship network is a powerful tool for meeting new people. This is no time to be shy: put yourself out there and ask if they know any suitable singles. One caveat: meet them first, just to make sure you can stand them for more than five minutes.

new year dating

4.    Throw your own party
As long as you’ve got the space why not play the host? Open up your doors and ensure that friends are actively encouraged to bring along people they know (who are hopefully also single). You have to grab every opportunity and sitting on your sofa hoping the dates will come to you just won’t cut it.

5.    Go it alone
Feeling brave? Start the year as you mean to go on and go to an organised new year event alone. There are hundreds across the UK  specifically for single people to celebrate the New Year and it’s a great way to meet a ton of new people quickly. Going alone will be daunting but will force you to speak to new people and hopefully meet someone new. If you’re not feeling quite so brave you can always take a friend, but just remember the point of the evening is to meet new people, not to chat to your friend in a corner.

If this article gave you the confidence to find your match, try eharmony today!

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