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When it comes to online dating a good profile can make all the difference in finding the right match. We asked dating expert Sasha Wowesny to share her top tips for a perfect profile.

A study conducted by Currys PC World found that 4,017 people admitted to spooning their laptops in bed… did you know that is enough laptops to fill all the gondolas in Venice, eight times over?

Laptops serve a purpose of course, but they shouldn’t be the thing you spoon at night or stealing your seat on a romantic gondola ride trawling through the waterways of Venice. Put it to good use and recreate an online dating profile that will get you noticed!

Even before someone clicks through to view your full profile, there are elements to your summary profile that will dictate whether they take a deeper look. But with thousands of members online looking for love how can we stand out from the rest?

Here are my top 5 ways to get your profile noticed:

  1. Choose the most appropriate photo to be your profile picture. Studies have shown that women who have mid or full length profile pictures attract more initial conversation than women who post selfies. However, the opposite is true for men. It’s also helpful to remember that your profile picture should be of you only.We want to see your features and not be distracted by background noise like a busy landscape, animals, or other people.
  2. Smile in your profile picture. This might sound simple, but a ‘nice smile’ consistently ranks top on the list of attributes people seek in a partner. If you’re looking uninterested, sad or dour then expect to receive similar matches. Make sure you exude positivity and you will have positive people wanting to know more about you. Failing these first two points, at least have a picture! There are numerous case studies that prove profiles who have a picture see a 200% increase in click-through rates to their full profile.
  3. Have a catchy headline. Spend time on your headline, and I mean more than 30 seconds. Write something that reflects who you are and what you’re looking for. Do not write “Thrill-seeking adventurer looking to find his co-pilot” if your idea of adventure is ordering the ‘surprise’ dish at your favourite restaurant.
  4. Don’t be overtly sexual in your headline, for example “Looking for a fun time 😉 ;)”. That will turn most people away. There are other websites better suited for this and potential matches will think you are not looking for a relationship with longevity. Instead of the above, try something more friendly like “Looking to share the fun with a great person!”
  5. So your potential match likes you enough to click through to find out more about you; don’t waffle on about yourself. We moan when a super-long work email lands in our inbox and it’s the same feeling when we see big chunks of text in a profile. It will put them off immediately. Everyone’s time is precious and no one wants a 2,000 word essay about your hobbies, childhood holidays, and current work assignments. Keep it simple and light-hearted – you will have plenty of time to reveal more about yourself when you are on your first date.

If you’re new to online dating or think your profile needs help getting noticed, along with my tips, look at other profiles you find appealing and choose elements of those to customise your own. Above all, remember to fairly reflect who you are and who you are seeking.

Now you’ve got all the tips, let’s make sure you’ve got the goods. Check out the Currys PC World Laptop Buying Guide and ensure you’ve always got your profile in tip-top shape.

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