5 Ways You Know You’re Ready For Dating


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Society often dictates that we need to be one of two, a pair, coupled before we die alone surrounded by 54 cats and empty tubs of ice cream. Even bars advertising 2 for 1 cocktails at happy hour seem to be mocking our singledom!

However, we all know that it’s not so simple to just jump into the dating game and find a mate or someone who will tolerate you for long periods of time. Bumping into your potential partner, whilst carrying orange juice that you throw all over them in a Notting Hill-esque way, doesn’t usually happen in the real world

Dating can take some real grafting, so how do you know if you’re even ready to dip your toe and get amongst it?

  1. If you’re truly happy on your own

Dating someone to fill a void in your life or with the expectations to replenish something you feel is lacking, will only end in tears.

If you are living an independent lifestyle and your self worth is at a steady positive level, then seeing someone now would be a great idea. The only time you should consider dating is when you are content with you just being you, and your lifestyle is a gratifying experience.

You should be with someone who adds something to your life, not someone who is expected to fix you.

  1. If you have a manageable lifestyle

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Believe it or not, dating requires time and effort. If your spare time is currently occupied with other pursuits then how can you factor in dating?

There is no point in meeting new people if your lifestyle is hectic and there are not enough hours in the day to binge watch Netflix, let alone sneak in some fun times with a new person.

If your calendar is clear and you are in the position to throw out some love, time and energy, then what are you waiting for?!

  1. If you are emotionally available

If you are still stalking your ex on Facebook, pining for a reconciliation, or obsessing over someone who is just not that into you, then step away from the dating scene.

It’s unfair for all involved to engage in a relationship if you’re not fully committed or at least open to trying new things. Nobody likes baggage; it’s draining and taking that forward into a new relationship will only induce a truly spectacular meltdown.

If you’re honestly free, single and ready to mingle WITHOUT any drama, then jump on it!

  1. If you have an idea of what you really want

This can be truly challenging for everyone even those who think they have it all figured out. Chances are you think you know, until you meet new interesting people and realize you know nothing!

However, having some idea of what it is that makes you tick is a definite necessity for the dating world. Granted your ideal man or woman may only exist in movies, but having a rough outline never hurt anyone.

In order to filter out the good from the bad and potentially find a match who works for you, you will need to have some clarity on what makes your belly flip and head fuzzy all at once. Once you have this, then go forth and seek!

  1. If you just FEEL like you’re ready

There are no strict rules for inducting yourself into the dating scene and if you over analyze the pros and cons until your eyes bleed, you probably never will be ready. But if you’re feeling confident, open minded and have no ulterior motives, then sure start connecting with likeminded folk pronto. You will never know until you get stuck in!

Shem Douglas is a British girl with roots in the Caribbean living in Dublin. She studied and lived in London for many years before vagabonding to Ireland! Shem is a freelance copywriter and enthusiastic blogger for the website Dating Price Guide (www.datingpriceguide.co.uk) where she chats about her experience and handy tips for navigating the tricky minefield of dating and relationships.

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