7 films that would be perfect to watch with a new partner


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In the winter months, there’s nothing better than a cosy night in, but what should you watch? Jo Middleton suggests some films that are ideal for sharing with a new partner

You’ve done drinks; you’ve done dinner, and you’ve done that awkward trip to a gallery while you both pretend to understand modern art.

Good work!

You’re working your way through the list of compulsory dates with a new partner and, sooner or later, you’re going to get to the all-important night in with a film date.

At first, it might seem like an easy one – after all, everyone says how much they like snuggling up with a DVD on their dating profile, right? But be warned; choosing that first DVD can unwittingly reveal more about your personality than you would like.

You want to seem cool, but not intense. Watch someone that you’ll actually enjoy. Appear cultured but not boring.

It’s a tough one.

So, to help you rise to the occasion – and provide a little inspiration – here are seven films that we think would be ideal to watch with a new partner:

Ferris Bueller’s Day off

Ferris Bueller is an absolute classic and a great test of your compatibility long-term. If your date doesn’t immediately jump and down in excitement and declare their love for this film, then you might as well call the whole thing off.


Watching Joaquin Phoenix falling in love with his operating system might not seem like an obvious date night film but trust me, it’s great and very thought-provoking. It’ll certainly give you plenty to talk about.

Love Actually

I’m sure that I don’t have to justify the inclusion of this film on the list. My one condition is that you’re only allowed to watch it on Christmas Eve. Don’t question it – it’s the rules.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This Jim Carrey/Kate Winslet classic is a bit of tear-jerker in places, but overall a brilliant film. If you’ve not seen it before, you’ll likely get halfway through and wonder why I’d ever recommend it for date night. But persevere. It actually contains a very positive message about the power of love.

Jurassic Park

I had to include this dinosaur disaster film as it boasts those all-important scary moments that’ll give you an excuse to get a bit closer on the sofa. You don’t want anything too gory though, so this film is the ideal compromise.

Legally Blond

Okay, I must confess, this is one of my favourite films of all time. Despite it being deemed a chick flick, I personally think Legally Blonde is a great film to watch with a new partner. The test here is not how much your partner enjoys the film but how much they complain about it – it’s very important when laying the foundations for future film nights.

The Break Up

One to watch only if you really don’t like them and want to give them a big hint.

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