7 great thrifty dating ideas


There is no shame in having to tighten your belt a bit – most of us are having to do it to some extent. That is no reason to scrimp on your dates though; you might just have to be a bit savvier in what you do; where you go and how you pay. Here are our top seven great date ideas for dates that will give you all the fun without breaking the bank.

1.      Collect discount vouchers

There are loads of companies like Groupon and kgb deals that offer huge discounts for local restaurants and services. All you have to do is sign up for free and you will receive daily emails of the offers available in your area.

2.      Have a dinner party – for two

Instead of a take away pizza or quick supper dig out your best crockery, candles and romantic music and go all out to create an evening to remember in your own home. You don’t have to be Jamie Oliver to be able to create a stunning home cooked meal and it doesn’t need to cost the earth either. The time and effort you go to is worth so much more than handing over a credit card in a flashy restaurant.

3.      Go dancing

Back in the day most romances started on the dance floor and there is a revival afoot in all types of dancing styles from jive to the tango helped greatly by the popularity of programmes like Strictly. Dances are open to complete beginners as well as the more experienced and are usually held in church halls and community centres so are cheap to attend and lots of fun to do together.

4.      Talks and lectures

In most cities and towns around the country free talks and lectures are being given on a huge variety of subjects. Whatever your interests there is bound to be something that would appeal to you and your date. Best of all, you will learn something and have plenty to talk about afterwards!

5.      Magical mystery tour

Sometimes the best dates are those that are unplanned and spontaneous. Whatever you preferred mode of transport it is very romantic to pick your date up and take them off somewhere without any clear plan of where you will go. You might decide to drive west for an hour; stay on the bus for 10 stops; catch a train to a place you like the sound of but know nothing about or pick a destination by closing your eyes and sticking a pin in a local map or cycling or walking to anywhere neither of you have visited before.

6.      Play it again ….

Musical tastes reveal a lot about who you are as a person and a date that is sure to bring you closer together as a couple is to share your favourite tunes – maybe in the style of Desert Island Discs where you link each tune with a memory associated with it.

7.      Eating out

There is no need to skip the traditional meal out because you are dating on a budget but consider some of these options which won’t break the bank.

Sushi – Every town or city has a sushi bar now and they are bright, fun and affordable. If you have never tried sushi it really isn’t all raw fish. They have a huge range that will suit any budget.

Afternoon tea – this is a romantic choice that is perfect for a first date. Hotels are often the best choice as you will get silver service in beautiful surroundings. It is often much cheaper than an evening meal.

All you can eat – perfect if you and your date have a hearty appetite and you don’t want to worry about the rising bill as you work your way through five courses. All you can eat places often serve foods from a number of nationalities typically Chinese and Indian. For one set price you can have as many dishes as you like and that includes a desert menu too!

Redeem a voucher – Lots of high street restaurants have teamed up with big names like Tesco Clubcard and Groupon to give you huge discounts. Be discreet about using a voucher to pay part of the bill (vouchers only cover the food not the drinks) but certainly don’t be embarrassed if it means you can wine and dine your date somewhere you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

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