9 Dating Myths About Men


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The opposite sex can be confusing, which is why we pounce on information that explains their behaviour. Unfortunately, much of what we’re told is untrue.  Take men and dating for example.  Most of the stereotypes about what males expect from an evening out are outmoded, mildly insulting or just plain silly. Here are some of the worst offenders.

Myth 1 – Men like their dates to wear as little as possible.

While a little skin is seductive, men don’t want to see it all at once. So how much is too much? The ideal amount of flesh to reveal is 40%, at least according to a study published in the journal, ‘Behaviour’.

Myth 2 – Women should daintily eat a salad at dinner to show that they look after themselves.

This is a big no-no. To a man, salad-eating at a restaurant suggests: a) neuroticism or b) vegetarianism. Unless you’re b, enjoy the eating experience together and order something worthy of conversation.

Myth 3 – Don’t talk about yourself – talk about him.

In the Victorian era, a man expected to expound his various theories without interruption. Nowadays men prefer women who lead interesting lives and are happy to talk about them. A study published in the journal, ‘Personal Relationships’, showed that men like women who use the word ‘I’ in conversation, rather than demurely agreeing with everything they say.

Myth 4 – Men don’t need compliments

Even the manliest of all men likes a little ego boost. He may not react to a compliment outwardly, but inside he’ll have a warm glow – and you’ll have the beginnings of a fan.

Myth 5 – Men think less of women who have sex on the first date.

A poll carried out by Cosmopolitan found that 67% of men said that they ‘absolutely didn’t’. They were apparently more interested in general compatibility than whether the night ended in sack action.

Myth 6 – Males can’t talk about their feelings.

The days are gone where enquiries into a man’s emotional state would trigger his fight-or-flight response. The 21st century male is happy to express himself. Indeed, many relish the chance to do so.

Myth 7 – Guys aren’t romantic. This is simply not true. In fact, the results of a long-term study carried out by Dr. Terri Orbuch found that men are typically more romantic than women. She reported that men find frequent shows of physical affection and small endearments ‘very reassuring’.

Myth 8 – Confident and intelligent women intimidate males.

The majority of guys find clever, independent women attractive. Those that don’t are usually needy simpletons, in which case you don’t want them anyway.

Myth 9 – Mention of commitment is off the cards.

Believe it or not, most men want a stable relationship – just don’t talk about marriage on a first date.

Do you disagree with any of these myths? Are there any you would add? Tell us about them below!

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