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Maybe you enjoyed your dry January so much it’s turned into a dry February and March, or maybe you’ve never been much of a drinker to begin with. Whatever your thoughts on alcohol-free dates, we promise you can have lots of fun – and even fall in love – without once reaching for the Merlot.

 Raise The Bar

For lots of people it’s a natural choice to have your date in a bar or pub. It can be as relaxed or as formal as you fancy and best of all, you’ve got liquid courage on hand to help things along. So an alcohol-free date will force you to get a little creative with your date location (which is a good thing). If you’ve met online chances are you’ve got a fair few things in common too – so why not use that as a starting point?

Daytime Dates

There’s lots to be said for meeting your date during the day – it’s safe, it’s much more relaxed and there’s no pressure to share a bottle or two between you. Especially if you’re both a little nervous, picking something informal, like coffee and cake, can be a great alternative to getting dressed up and heading to a bar. Plus, it gives you room to carry on your date if things are going really well.

Get Out

We know lots of our eHarmony couples started their relationships outdoors. Whether it’s a hike in the depths of the British countryside, a stroll through London’s Kew Gardens or a picnic in the park, it’s good to get out. We know our climate makes it a little tricky, but if you manage to get the weather on your side, it would be rude not to take advantage.

Swap drinks for adrenaline

There’s many things you aren’t allowed to do if you’re drinking, and luckily lots of them make for great dates. Why not challenge your date to a lap at an indoor go-karting track? Or how about a few runs on the nearest dry ski slope? Picking an activity can be a great way to break the ice and find out what someone’s really made of. Not to mention, whether you fall in love or not, at least you’ll have had fun!

Be a tourist for a day

Ok, we’re not suggesting you take your date on holiday this early on. But why not channel the excitement you feel as a tourist and explore your own city? Chances are you won’t have seen and done it all, and if you have, it might be quite nice to share some of your favourite childhood places with each other. Dust off a guidebook to find out what’s recommended locally and if you want the complete tourist-experience, why not hop on one of the city tour busses? It’s a little cheesy, but sometimes re-discovering something old is just as good as anything brand new – or a beer in a bar for that matter.

You can always try some of our awesome date ideas in our Great Date Guide – places all around the UK recommended by our eHarmony couples!

 Would you consider an alcohol-free date? And where would you go if you did?


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