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Do you love to knit? Or are you always sketching the scene? If you have an interest in arts and crafts it could be affecting your love life. Here’s how you can use your creative skills to your advantage
Spending our free time pursuing arts and crafts has grown in popularity in recent years. They help us unleash our creativity, showcase our personalities, and produce something tangible as a keepsake or gift. If you’re a keen knitter or an avid amateur photographer, it makes sense to list these passions on your online dating profile. But did you know that your arts and crafts interests could be affecting your chances of finding love? We’ve analysed thousands of eharmony UK profiles to find out how you could use your creative skills to your advantage and increase your chances of finding your crafting partner-in-crime.

The most popular arts and crafts

Overall, eharmony UK’s members are an artistic crowd. Our study found that over a third of members (36.7%) enjoy photography, while a quarter (25.7%) are dab hands with a paintbrush. At the other end of the scale, woodworking is the least popular pastime for eharmony members – just 1% list it on their profile. Equally unpopular activities include crochet (1.3%), creative writing (1.5%), and cross stitch (1.7%).

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Attractive interests

The great news is that mentioning almost any art or craft interest on your profile leads to an increase in communication. There is one exception. If you love to whittle, it’s probably best to keep this to yourself at first as woodworkers get 14.9% less communication requests.
Drawing is not only one of the most popular arts and crafts, it’s also one of the most attractive. eharmony members that mention their love of drawing on their online dating profile receive 20% more communication requests than those who don’t. Female sketchers are particularly sought after, receiving 22% more communication from male members than non-artists.

Crafts that leave you cold

There are gender differences at play here too. Female members find that mentioning drawing, photography or painting will increase the number of messages they receive, but a passion for other crafts seem to leave men cold. It’s particularly bad news for fans of cross stitch; women who list this as an interest receive 47% less communication than those that don’t. Women who knit, sew and crochet see a similar decrease. Men who include their sewing hobby on their dating profile also decrease their chances – by 14.6%!

Romantic poets

When it comes to poetry, the results are surprising. After all, what could be more romantic than someone writing you an ode. But, our research shows why it was Byron and Keats who sent hearts aflutter, rather than Emily Barrett Browning. Female poets receive 6% less communication requests than women who don’t mention poetry on their profiles, while male poets get 5% more!

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