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Autumn’s a wonderful time of year. The blustery weather, the firework-like display of leaves and the promise of a roaring fire once indoors… all are great ingredients for a fuzzily romantic date. If you’re not sure how to make the most of nature’s steady march toward winter, take some inspiration from our favourite autumnal destinations.

Frolic in the park

The green spaces in our towns and cities undergo a transformation in the autumn. Gone are the crowds and errant Frisbees. Instead we have swaying trees, rolling clouds and couples holding tightly on to one another. Going for a walk in the park may be traditional, but it’s a winner nonetheless.

Take something to feed the ducks with – producing grain from your pocket rather than bread will demonstrate your commitment to duck welfare. Another park-date essential is a hot drink – make sure to choose one that has a cafe serving hot chocolate.

More adventurous couples might opt for a wilder experience at one of the country’s 15 National Parks. There are 10 in England, two in Scotland and three in Wales.

Cuddle up in a country pub

What can seem a bit gloomy and cramped in the summer takes on a newfound warmth and intimacy in the autumn. Yes, the country pub is the perfect place to while away a rainy afternoon. Try and avoid Sundays when the ubiquitous roasts attract the masses and give off a smell like a school canteen.

There are countless lists of ‘best pubs’ lurking around the internet . If you live in a city, it might pay to make a weekend of it and organise a romantic getaway to a pub that also offers accommodation.

Have fun at the fair

Sharing fresh mussels at Conwy Feast

Sharing fresh mussels at Conwy Feast

The changeable autumn weather makes fairs and festivals ideal for dates. They offer shelter should you need it, and the chance to be outside when it’s fine. Some of the best include the Gwledd Conwy Feast, held in the medieval town of Conwy. The festival is Wales’ largest celebration of music, art and food and happens on the 25th and 26th of October.

If you prefer your arts in more manageable chunks, Birmingham has a literature festival starting on the 2nd of October, Oxford has a music festival on the 19th of October, and Balloch on Loch Lomond has a food festival on the 14th of September (complete with stunning views).

Pick some apples

September heralds the start of the apple-harvesting season. Visit a cider farm and admire the orchards at their atmospheric best. There are lots of tours and walks to choose from – some of the best include the family-run Sheppy’s in Somerset, and Healey’s in Cornwall.

If grapes are more your thing, head for one of the UK’s 800 vineyards. Most of them offer tours and some will even let your hands (or rather your feet) dirty. The picturesque Adgestone Vineyards on the Isle of Wight come highly recommended, as does the Glyndwr Vineyard in Wales, which is the oldest in the country.

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