A Bluffer’s Guide to the Theatre


We recently revealed the fascinating findings of our latest study on which interests make you more attractive to the opposite sex. We found that men who listed theatre as one of their favourite hobbies on their dating profile received more than the average number of communication requests from women.

So for the theatre-shy men out there, we asked our friends at From the Box Office to give us their top tips for impressing your date on a trip to the theatre.

A little culture can go a long way on a first date, but nobody wants to sit through a three hour snore-athon or be caught out dropping a theatrical faux pas.

A West End theatre show is more exhilarating than cinema, less generic than dinner and when the curtain falls you’ll be in Soho – smack bang in cocktail territory.

Taking someone to the theatre needn’t be reserved for connoisseurs. Here are a few fool proof tips for creating off-stage romance on a theatre date.


Picking a winner

  • Choose a play with a big name star that resonates outside a luvvie crowd. Not only will this sound impressive but you’ll have someone to collectively swoon over and an accessible talking point for before and after the show. How about James McAvoy in The Ruling Class, at Trafalgar Studios.
  • Where an onscreen rom-com is a cheesy date choice, the high drama and genuine romance of some rom-coms on the West-End will have you smiling away and melting into the seat… and each other’s arms. FTBO recommends getting tickets to Shakespeare In Love, at the Noel Coward Theatre until June.
  • The venue you go for says a lot. Perhaps choose an offbeat theatre, such as the Menier Chocolate Factory, which is known for rather more experimental work. This will give the impression that you’re not only cultured, but edgy too!

… All this said, you are going to the theatre so you’ve already ticked the culture box so there’s no need to splash out on anything super esoteric. Wicked! is an absolute audience winner for a reason.


Chatting the chat

The interval is a perfect 20 minute window for flirting over nibbles, G&T’s and a little light deconstruction of what you’ve seen on stage. The trick is to show you know your stuff without sounding pretentious and alienating your date. Below are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Do your research: Even seasoned theatre goers struggle to eloquently sum up their impressions of a show on the spot… good art takes a while to sink in. Not so helpful on date night we hear you cry! This is why we’d recommend reading a few reviews beforehand. If Lyn Gardner (Guardian theatre critic and all round authority) thinks the lead actress is a sensation, odds are your date will to, and if you point this out before your date it’ll make you seem on the same page!
  • Know the lingo: Sprinkle in a little ‘stage left’ (what it says on the can) here and ‘libretto’ (the text for a musical or opera) there and it’ll seem as if you were born in the best seats!
  • (Most importantly…) Show passion: Don’t be shy… theatre is FUN and designed to elicit strong emotions. Be enthusiastic. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy something. Being open and forthright with your views will give the impression that you know your mind and are not afraid of expressing it – a quality most people find attractive!


The Order of Play

Show times of course vary but can lead to a bit of a bind when it comes to when and where to eat, especially if you are coming straight from the office. We’d recommend grabbing a bite to eat before meeting your date and going for cocktails after. Dinner, theatre and drinks is expecting a pretty hefty chunk of time for a first meeting!

Another note to the guys: you may want to hold back on pre-show (or even interval) pints… unlike with a rugby match or even the cinema, getting up to go to the loo between scenes and narrow seats won’t help you look suave. Yes – West End Theatre can be lengthy, but napping is also not recommended.

So, post-show you’ll be in the West-End and thus spoilt for elegant watering holes. We’d recommend Bodega Negra for sassy Latin American vibes and sultry lighting, The Experimental Cocktail Club if you fancy washing down all that culture with something chic and risqué or Copita as they do great tapas and you may be feeling peckish by this point!


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