Can You Find Compatibility on the Dancefloor?


Couple dancing at a Swing Patrol class

Want to find out if you and your date share a natural rhythm? We asked Swing Patrol‘s king swinger Scott Cupit to show us some steps to get you and your partner started on the dance floor.

“The number one thing we want from a class is a fun experience. It’s the opposite of social media – you can dance with someone and have a laugh and it’s no pressure.”

Scott Cupin’s smile is infectious, as his feet move in a carefully choreographed sequence of steps, kicks and, of course, swings, demonstrating a 1920’s Charleston to eHarmony and our photographer.

With regular classes held across London for everyone from absolute beginners to serious swingers, Scott’s Swing Patrol is one of the more energetic nights out featured in our Great Date Guide. And as he once again takes us through the quick, quick, slow, slow, of the beginner’s step he breathlessly tells us why dancing is the perfect activity for getting to know someone.

“You’re interacting, you’re getting a feel for someone who has a relationship like yours. I’ve seen so many relationships start at our classes, it’s just a great place to share an experience.”

If you fancy trying a date on the dance floor then you can find your nearest Swing Patrol class on their website. Check out our pictures of Scott and his dancers in action (photography by Toby Vandevelde) below:

Swing Patrol class dancing


Scott Culpin dancing with partner foudner of Swing Patrol

Couple dancing at a Swing Patrol class


Couple swing dancing from Swing Patrol Scott Culpin

Since launching Swing Patrol in 1998 Scott has set up classes across the globe, from Australia to London, and this year has already seen his troupes perform at festivals including The Secret Garden Party and Wilderness, as well as competing in the London Jitterbug Championships.

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