Can successful women find a good man?



Can a successful woman find a good man? Want the short answer? It’s yes. Just don’t ask the Internet.

Why? Because Google seems to have taken a slightly glass-half-empty take on this question. There’s certainly lots to read on the subject, but there’s more of the ’10 reasons why successful women can’t find a good man’ types and not quite so much of the actually helpful stuff. So, in a bid to counteract that, I’m just going to say a big, loud, 500 word ‘YES!’. And if you’re the type that doesn’t like to let anyone (including Google) tell you what you can’t have, this article is for you.

Firstly, let’s talk about the term ‘successful’.

Success means something a little different to everyone – for me it was ordering sushi at lunch instead of a sandwich, it was moving into my very own flat and the finding the respect at work I’d always craved. It didn’t mean shoulder pads, power lunches or a schedule too packed for love. So if my ‘success’ has made me a more fulfilled, calmer and ultimately more confident person, then why would that make me unattractive to men?

The answer is it absolutely shouldn’t – and didn’t! It might well be harder, but so are most things worth succeeding at.

The truth is that yes, there are men who are intimidated by successful women.

But chances are they aren’t the type of guys you’d find happiness with anyway. There’ll always be men like Berger in Sex And The City, who dumped Carrie when she landed a better book deal than him. But then there’ll always be the ones who spur you on, encourage you, celebrate your achievements and match your pace as you climb the career ladder.

It’s nine to five, not single for life. 

There’s this unsaid assumption that if you’re a career woman then you won’t have time for a relationship. But first of all, why would that be any different for career men? And secondly, you don’t have to be superwoman to fit a relationship into a busy schedule. You make it work just as you do with the rest of the things that are important to you – you find time. There’s no need to choose between being successful and being a wife, in modern times you can be both and more – just ask COO of Facebook (and wife), Sheryl Sandberg.

The ‘how’ is something I can’t answer. Just like success, it’s a little different for everyone. But eHarmony, I’ll have to admit, is a pretty good place to start – at the very least you’ll be able to separate the success-loving wheat from the chaff!

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