How to choose an online dating profile picture that will get you noticed


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eHarmony writer and blogger at Slummy single mummy, Jo Middleton shares her top tips on choosing a profile picture for your online dating profile.


If there’s one thing more cringeworthy than having to say positive and interesting things about yourself in a dating profile, it’s that dreaded moment when you have to choose a picture. Just like the profile writing, it’s a delicate balance between being flattering, yet realistic – giving a good first impression at the same time as coming across as approachable and genuine.

If you’re serious about meeting someone special, there are a few simple rules to keep in mind:


Keep it real

Yes, you want potential partners to think you’re a babe, but you don’t want them to be disappointed when you meet in real life either. Choose a picture that’s good quality, but realistic and recent. Have your hair in a style you’d normally wear it in and don’t go overboard on the make-up. Keep lighting natural and the background uncrowded.


Ask your friends

If you’re not sure which pictures to choose, show a selection to your friends and ask them which they think best reflects you and your personality. You might hate a certain feature, but your friends might think it’s something that gives you real character. Often we are blind to our own good qualities and having an impartial eye can be really helpful.


Give yourself some context

It’s great to choose photos that focus on you, but do consider including some more action shots, that show you taking part in activities that you love. A photo tells a story after all, and if you’re less than confident about getting your passions across in your writing, a picture can do the talking for you. Love hiking? Include an outdoors shot. Big on travel? Pop in a picture of you in an exotic destination.


Keep your clothes on

This sounds like a pretty obvious one, but anyone who has ever tried their hand at online dating will tell you that a lot of men just haven’t figured out that a topless selfie is really not the way to a girl’s heart. Guys, keep your clothes on. We aren’t interested in seeing your six pack, or lack of it, before we even know your surname. This goes the same for woman – nakedness does not equal marriage material.


Think quality AND quantity

If you’ve chosen your picture and think one is enough, then think again. People like to have a variety of pictures in different contexts to get a good idea of who you are, your hobbies and your friendships. Our research shows that people who post more than four photos tend to get better results, so don’t be afraid to share.


What attracts you to someone’s dating profile picture?


Jo Middleton is a mum to two girls and an experienced internet dater. Read more from Jo on her award winning blog, Slummy single mummy or follow her on Twitter for more bite sized updates.

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