Why couples who workout together, stay together


couples working out together

Whether you’re looking to date someone who loves the gym as much as you do or trying to persuade your partner to join you on the treadmill, training together is a great way to energise your relationship. We’ve teamed up with Anytime Fitness to find out why (and treat you to a free 3-day trial).

You’ll both feel the benefit

Exercise should be a part of everyone’s routine, whether you’re coupled up or single. Not only does it help keep you fit and healthy, regular training also improves your mood and overall mental health, reduces your risk of disease, and makes everyday activities easier. And that’s just for an individual – imagine the benefits for you both! When you train together, you’ll both feel better physically, be more active, and be in a better mood – all things that can only improve the quality of your relationship.

You’ll get guaranteed quality time

No matter how long you’ve been together, quality time is always at a premium. While you might not have time for a weekly date night, you’re much more likely to make time for a workout. Why not combine the two by bringing your date to the gym? You could take a class together or hit the machines side-by-side. It’ll motivate you to work harder (you’ll want to impress, after all) and all that exercise will generate endorphins that’ll put you both in a great mood.

You’ll generate some healthy competition

There’s nothing like a little bit of competition to keep you motivated to train. Who better to compete with than your partner? You can set each other goals – and make sure you keep them. Why not sign up for a challenge and then train together? A 10km run for charity or marathon swim could be just what you need to get you spending more time in the gym. If you’ve only just started dating, it’s a great way to bond, and if you’ve been together for a while, it could add a new dimension to your relationship.

You’ll share routines

Are you stuck in a gym rut? If you’re sick of spending 20 minutes staring into space on an exercise bike every morning, training with someone else could help mix things up. Exercising with your date is sure to liven up your routine – and they might have some tips and tricks of their own to share. You could even do a skills swap. Do they have a great running technique, but you know your way around the weight machines better? Act as one another’s personal trainer and hold each other accountable. Not only will it improve your workout, it’ll also bring you closer together.

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