Creating the perfect answer to the ‘Passionate’ question

by Eharmony Editorial Team - March 25, 2011

On your eHarmony profile ‘The one thing I am most passionate about’ is the first thing your matches will read. Are you doing yourself justice, or are you turning your matches off?

The ‘Passionate’ question is the first thing you complete on your eHarmony profile and, more importantly, the first thing your matches see (alongside your stunning profile photo(s), of course!). That’s why it’s so important to get it right. After all, that first impression is an essential one; online daters tend to be very quick to judge other people’s profiles, so it’s important you capture their attention right from the start.

As with anything you put on your eHarmony profile, the key is to providing detail and being individual. So many eHarmony users answer the passionate questions with things like ‘my life, friends and family’. That’s all very well, but surely those are a given? If you don’t have passion for life, or friends or family you’ve probably got a problem. And these answers instantly turn some matches off. After all, if you couldn’t be bothered to come up with something original then the rest of your profile probably isn’t going to be much good either.

Before we get all ‘Profile Bootcamp’ on you, we recognise that this is not an easy task. It’s hard to answer this question for yourself, never mind telling a stranger what you’re most passionate about.  That’s why we’ve got these tips for getting you started on this tricky question:

What does it actually mean?
If your mind doesn’t whirr into action when you ask yourself ‘what’s the one thing I’m most passionate about?’ then why don’t you ask yourself this instead: ‘what is it that gets your blood pumping, your heart racing and makes life worth living?’ And don’t forget we want to also know WHY this thing is so important to you as well – really give your reply some colour.

Why can’t I come up with an answer?
Some people will know their response straight away, but some of you will find it much harder to answer this question. If this is you, it’s probably time to start giving yourself more credit. Often when asked about dreams, hopes and passions, many of us will give the ‘what, little old me?’ response. Or rather, we just don’t think our own passions are interesting enough to even call ‘passions’.

Give yourself more credit! For example, if singing is your passion, talk about it here. Just because you’re not last year’s X Factor winner, doesn’t mean your passion for singing is unimportant.

Breaking down the passion question
Here’s a step by step way to create your passion question:

Topic: Your passion will probably be based on a specific topic, be it badgers, fairy cakes, American history or mountain biking

Object: Your passion will also be directed at an object. So it could be focused on bikes, buildings or something more animate like friends or dogs.

Action: Your passion will also include an action. It doesn’t need to be elaborate. For example you might ‘enjoy making AirFix models of WW2 fighter planes’. Be as specific as possible, as that creates a mental image for the reader.

Skill: Your passion will include a skill – for the example above, making the models themselves is the skill. You could even elaborate and say you enjoy painting the models the most as it makes you feel really creative.

Outcome: On top of all of this there’s an outcome for your passion. What you hope to accomplish in the end. This should go some way towards answering the ‘why’ portion of the question.

Mix and match these components when you’re thinking about answering this question and you should be able to come up with something a bit more expressive and interesting than ‘Life, family and friends’. And you’ll also provide your matches with a great conversational starting point.