Gallery: Top 5 dating deal breakers for women


1. He’s a miser

The topic of who should pay on a date has been hotly debated on this site. The general feeling from women is that while most don’t expect a man to pay, many appreciate the gesture. We’re not saying all women are gold-diggers, but a man who insists on staying in every night because he won’t shell out a few pounds for a cinema ticket is a huge turn-off. After all, a large part of a relationship is based in shared experience, and there’s only so much ‘experience’ you can get from watching TV together.

2. He lacks confidence

It’s not that every woman wants her own personal He-Man, it’s just that a guy who’s confident and happy in himself will probably be happier as a whole - and will make her happier too.

3. He lacks motivation

Dating a man with no motivation – whether that’s in his job, his personal life, or both – can feel like dragging a dead weight around. We’re not talking about someone with serious depression issues, that’s something that should be handled sensitively. We’re talking about the guy who can’t be bothered to move out of his comfort zone, who bums money off you because his job is low paying, or who just ‘can’t be bothered’ to try out that new Japanese restaurant, because he’d rather stay in and order a pizza.

4. He doesn’t care about his appearance

Women notice the little things when it comes to appearance. It's not a deal breaker if a date has slightly scuffed shoes, but if he persistently wears stained shirts, or after your first date together enters the comfort zone and switches to only wearing 'lounging around the house clothes', there's a problem. A little effort is all that’s required...

5. He blows hot and cold

Here’s a secret for any men reading this – women just want to know where they stand. The guy who suddenly stops texting after a few dates is perplexing. Almost as annoying as the guy who seems to go through phases of being interested and then drops off the face of the earth. If a guy's not interested, he should always find a way to let the woman know without being too blunt. In the long term she'll appreciate it.

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