Gallery: Top 5 dating deal breakers for men


1. She’s a liar

Lies undermine a relationship - even little white lies can be dangerous. If you’ve uncovered small lies – ‘I bought that dress in the sale’ – who knows what bigger ones are waiting? ‘I’ll have the money to put into the mortgage next month, I promise.’

2. She lacks confidence

Confidence is sexy. It may seem shallow to cite lack of confidence as a deal breaker, but confidence must come from within. If your girlfriend lacks confidence – whether it’s about her looks, her intelligence or her personality – her negativity and rejection of your compliments will get wearing very quickly.

3. She criticises you in public

Whether it’s in front of friends, family or colleagues, criticising you in public is a big no-no. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t think your tie matches your shirt, or that she loudly talks about how little she thinks you earn, but whatever the topic it shows a real lack of respect for you.

4. She’s a cheater

Don’t think we need to say much here, as cheating is the ultimate deal breaker. Whatever’s gone before, cheating doesn’t allow many second chances as chances are they’ll do it again.

5. She’s clingy

You want a partner not a shadow. While it’s important for couples to spend quality time together, it’s just as important for them to have their own lives outside of the relationship. Otherwise, what will you have to talk about at the end of a long day (together)!


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