Dating UK: Four ways the game has changed



If it’s been a few years since your last foray on the dating scene, you could be in for a shock. Not only has the number of people on online dating sites in the UK rocketed – it’s now about five million – the techniques have changed too. So don’t get left behind. Here’s how to maximise your chances of dating triumph.

Rule 1. Multi-dating is part of the game

Several years ago, online dating revolutionised our love lives by making it possible to secure a date almost every weekend. But today that’s small fry. Now the savviest singles are seeing multiple people at a time. Instead of putting all their emotional eggs in one basket, they are weighing up all the options.

Sound daunting? In fact, it helps take the pressure off a date because you no longer think that each one must be a success. There’s comfort in knowing that if one person slips out of your grasp, there’s another in their place. Plus you can hone your flirting skills by testing what works and what doesn’t.

But be aware that at some stage you need to draw the line. If you find someone you like, it’s best to broach the topic of exclusivity so that you both know where you stand. Once you’ve crossed the line into a committed relationship, the multi-dating needs to stop.

Rule 2. Our attention spans are dwindling

Five years back, TV and video games were blamed for shortening our attention spans. But now, a whole host of new outlets all vie for our attention – everything from social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to new gizmos like iPhones and Blackberrys.

So how does this affect dating? Well, now it’s no longer enough to be gorgeous and available. You need to tap into the social media game, create eye-catching profile headlines and market your single assets. Sound frightening? It needn’t be. You just need to invest a little time and energy. This will grab you plenty of online interest that could just translate into a date and possibly more.

Rule 3. You have to be proactive

It’s no longer just about creating a clever online dating profile and sitting back and relaxing. Now the dating pool is so large that you need to be more strategic to get the results. Be proactive, contact as many people as you can and make the most of the multiple dating platforms. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Rule 4. Dating is an industry

Dating is not the only thing that has changed in the last few years. The dating industry in the UK has evolved into sophisticated social science. You can now read books and blogs dedicated to the art of online dating and get coaching from the experts. Your job is to employ the methods that you find most effective, use the right tools and master the new principles to achieve dating success.

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