Dishes to Impress a Date – Even if You’re a Terrible Cook



bad cook

Donning the chef’s hat and offering to cook a meal for two is a fine gesture. After all, cooking mixes creativity, hard work and a dash of flair – all of which are innately impressive. But what if you’re rubbish at it? Never fear – we’ve collected a selection of fool-proof recipes that your date will be unable to resist.

Filet mignon with mushroom-wine sauce

Filet mignon

This restaurant-grade dish is reassuringly easy to prepare. All you need are a couple of filet mignon –steak cuts of beef taken from the smaller end of the tenderloin – and eight other ingredients. The whole meal can be created in less than 15 minutes. Cheat on the side dishes by buying in pre-packaged mashed potatoes and bagged salad greens.

Simple squash risotto

squash risotto

Approximately two percent of the UK population is vegetarian, so it’s always handy to have a veggie dish or two in your repertoire. As an added incentive, the ingredients for meat-free meals tend to be cheaper – so there’s less pressure to get it right the first time.

This squash risotto is easy to make and requires nothing more exotic than a butternut squash, a bay leaf, some fresh thyme leaves and a little parmesan.  As long as you remember to add liquid and keep stirring, nothing can go wrong.

Super sexy salad


Salads don’t have to resemble rabbit food. This one is a gloriously indulgent mix of Parma ham, figs and mozzarella. Throw in a little honey, lemon juice and basil, and you have a simple but filling meal – perfect for a sultry summer’s evening.

Papillote of seafood


What on earth is a ‘papillote’ you may well be wondering. It’s basically a way of cooking where the food is place in a folded pouch and baked. This recipe calls for mussels, prawns and a few veggies to be cooked and then placed onto special squares of cooking parchment. The corners are drawn up and tied, creating the impression of some sort of mariner’s goody bag. In all, the whole thing can be prepared in less than 40 minutes.

Chicken Valdostana


This baroque-sounding recipe takes no more than 25 minutes to prepare, and involves the novel step of pouring vermouth over chicken breasts. Other tasty additions to the dish include prosciutto, cheese and cream. Not one for the weight-conscious then, but delicious nonetheless.



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