It’s Dry January so here are 6 reasons to embrace sober dating


One in four British singles admit they rely on drinking for dating confidence. But, with many Brits embracing Dry January, isn’t it time we parked the hangovers and geared up for some sober dating? Rachael Lloyd investigates. 

So, January is upon us. A time for reevaluating life choices and making the inevitable New Year resolutions. We might opt for joining the gym or choose a healthier diet. In addition, having spent the festive period knocking back the booze, we might commit to Dry January.

In fact, our research shows that one in six singles intend to quit drinking this month, marking a rise in so-called sober dating. This trend, though historically niche, is gaining appeal as singles yearn for healthier experiences (and are less willing to suffer crippling hangovers).

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So, here’s six reasons to embrace sober dating:-

  1. Goodbye beer goggles

Our research suggests one in five singles have kissed someone after a few drinks they wouldn’t normally have chosen to kiss. What’s more, 17% of singles have slept with someone and had second thoughts afterwards. Why? Because alcohol not only loosens inhibits, but can make a baked potato look like Brad Pitt.

And let’s be honest, we all know someone who has stumbled home after a night of nakedness only to battle regret. Don’t be that person.

  1. You’ll be more you

Most of us feel good when we can drink – at least to start with. We’re more energised and vivacious. Therefore, we might assume the drink  is enhancing our more captivating personality traits.

But booze also impacts the way we perceive the world and can turn us into twisted imitations of ourselves. It can also turn us into drama queens and crashing bores. The real you is sober you. Be proud of that person. Don’t drown that person.

  1. You’ll save money

Drinking is expensive. We all know this. It’s not just the cost of the drinks but the fact that, high on beer or wine, you’re more prone to waving your bank card around. “No, I’ll get the next round,” is the regretful line attached to many hangovers.

If you’re in any doubt, try a sober date and then check your balance at the end of the night. You’ll soon see the difference. Plus, factor in the money you’ll save on a sober date by not losing: your phone, wallet, keys, bag, coat…dignity.

  1. You’ll gain confidence

Our research suggests one in four singles rely on drinking for dating confidence. But, all booze really does is remove inhibitions and temporarily mask anxiety.

In contrast, real confidence is organic. It comes from experiencing life with all five senses fully intact and learning how to navigate tricky situations.

Alcohol is also a known depressant and, consumed in large quantities, can cause anxiety and panic attacks.  This is because on a physiological level booze can lead to low blood sugar, dehydration, increased heart rate, and increase stress hormones.

  1. You’ll have better relationships

Research suggests that couples who share core values and personality traits have the happiest relationships. This is because they’re more likely to get each other’s humour and accept each other’s views on everything from  Brexit to Trump and the price of biscuits.

Whereas, couples who met in a bar, got smashed and randomly woke up to find themselves in a new relationship are probably less likely to fare well. Why? Because they barely know each other and have no clues about their mutual compatibility once the chemistry wears off.

With sober dating, you’re far more likely to have an objective view about the person you choose to progress things with.

  1. You can go on more adventurous dates

If you take booze out of the equation, there are so many other types of date you could do. Ice skating, a comedy night, a salsa class or maybe just a romantic walk in the park. Plus, if you’re really keen to stay in the bar, you can always opt for a a fashionable mocktail. Virgin mojito with extra sweetness, anyone?

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