eHarmony invited to the LA premier of Netflix series LOVE


After eHarmony UK and Netflix partnered up to send two lucky souls to the Hollywood screening of the show at the cool vintage Vista Theatre.  Being that we are just 2 blocks away in Los Angeles, Our VP of Content Jeannie also cruised over to check it out…and have some freshly popped popcorn.

Falling in love can be extraordinary, confusing, terrifying, and humbling all at the same time.  Hollywood force Judd Apatow is taking on all of the above in his usual authentic fashion in the new series for Netflix, ‘Love’.

Apatow , the co-creators  of the series (adorable real-life couple Paul Rust and Lesley Arfin) and his talented wife Leslie Mann were all there, eating popcorn and supporting the cast and crew, along with countless creative Hollywood types – and me, naturally.

You will definitely get what you expect from an Apatow production — a candid look at dating, life, and relationships. No ‘Pretty Women’ fairytales here (thank goodness!!).

So what did we learn from ‘Love’?

#1. When it comes to love, we can often be our own worst enemies – instead of advocates.

The story follows the love lives of two characters Mickey and Gus (played by ​Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust), whose paths merge after particularly harsh breakups. What do these two have in common? They both tolerated obscene behavior from their narcissistic partners.  They were both settling for less. Haven’t we all been there!?


#2.  Compatibility is key.

Yes, of course we know this already working at eHarmony. This is a big takeaway from ‘Love’ for me. You need to have things in common with your partner. You should have similar tastes, passions, lifestyles, and senses of humor. It just helps if you “get” each other on those levels.

#3. You never know when you will meet ‘The One’.

meet the one

It can happen anytime, anywhere – even at 7 am at a local market when you are hung over! So take note girls_ just spend a few minutes freshening up! We have no idea if these characters will truly fall in love and live semi-happily ever after. But they definitely are a way better fit for one another than previous partners. We are definitely rooting for them.

​All episodes of Love are available to watch instantly​ only on Netflix​.

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