Exclusive offer: Virgin Wines present their most passionate wines


Stock your wine cellar with a selection of the world’s most passionate wines, thanks to this exclusive offer from Virgin Wines  

Whether you want to impress your dinner date or have a special occasion to celebrate, you can be sure that Virgin Wines have a wine that’ll fit the bill.

Their team of fine wine specialists has put together an extra-special case of wine, exclusive to eHarmony, made up of 12 bottles that are known for their passionate characters. Choose red, white or a combination of both and you’ll save £60 – working out at only £4.99 a bottle! The collection includes a mix of Old and New World wines, as well as a bottle of Prosecco to help bring a little extra fizz to your dates this winter.

Wondering which wine to choose? Our guide to choosing the perfect date night wine will help you choose confidently between a bold Shiraz and classic Pinot Noir, providing you with just enough knowledge to charm your date without trying to turn you into an amateur sommelier.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your exclusive eHarmony wine case today. We’ll toast to that!

Virgin Wines

Terms and Conditions for WineBank

  1. The Virgin Wines WineBank is NOT a bank in the same sense that Barclays and NatWest are. It is a scheme where you pay us money to buy wine.
  2. The beauty is that instead of US choosing which cases of wine will be discounted, we give YOU the discount in the form of “WineInterest” – so you can choose the wines you want (there are a few very reasonable exceptions where you won’t be able to use your WineBank balance – see sections i and j).
  3. How it works:
    1. We bill your payment card or PayPal account an agreed amount (initially £25) on the 1st of each month.
    2. Each monthly payment will have 20% “WineInterest” added to it automatically. So, for every £5 paid in by you, we will add an extra £1 in “WineInterest”.
  • You are free to change the amount of money you pay into your account each month either through your online account or by contacting us on 0343 224 1001.
  1. You can top-up your account at any point by contacting us on 0343 224 1001 and earn 20% “WineInterest” on those payments too.
  2. Winebank members benefit from free delivery on any order of a case of wine from us.
  3. Your money is safe with us and any cash balance you have deposited is fully refundable on request.
  4. We keep the teeny-weeny bit of (real) interest our own bank pays on your deposits. But then we are paying you 20% (!) of what you’ve paid in as “WineInterest”, so that’s all right then.
  5. You are free to cancel your WineBank membership at any point. And we will gladly refund the outstanding balance of any money you have paid into your account. However, any existing “WineInterest” will be lost. If you wish to remove money from your WineBank without cancelling your account, all “WineInterest” relating to that money will be lost.
  6. Cases bought partly or wholly with your “WineInterest” are not eligible for free 13th bottles (normally associated with Wine clubs but also including 13th bottle promotions).
  7. The WineBank is designed so that you can get a special offer on the wines you want to buy, rather than the wines we want to discount. It is not designed for you to get multiple discounts on the same products. Therefore, on certain deeply discounted products, you have the choice of either buying that product with the money you have paid in to your account (but not the “WineInterest” we have paid in) OR using your entire balance to buy something else.
  8. Your WineBank balance (money you have deposited plus “WineInterest”) cannot be used either fully or in part to buy gift vouchers or Gifts by Virgin Wines.
  9. WineInterest may not be used towards the purchase of auction cases.
  10. WineInterest will not be earned on Gifts by Virgin Wines products.
  11. Customers with a VAA Flying Club number registered on their account will not receive any Miles for orders bought partially or completely using WineBank, and the collection of monthly payments will also not generate miles.
  12. Customers with an Egg credit card who normally receive cashback for placing orders will not be entitled to any cashback for orders bought partially or wholly using their WineBank balance, and the collection of monthly payments will also not generate cashback.
  13. We reserve the right to close the WineBank scheme at any time without prior notice. In such circumstances you will be refunded any money you have paid in to WineBank, and any money Virgin Wines has paid in will be converted into vouchers on your account, which must be used within 6 months of the date the scheme is closed subject to sections i and j above.
  14. Payment for purchases made using your WineBank account is taken first from any vouchers or refunds in your account, then any monies you have paid into the account followed by any “WineInterest” existing in the account. If there are insufficient funds in your WineBank account the balance will be charged to your registered credit/debit card.
  15. Using vouchers to open a WineBank account is subject to terms and conditions as laid out in section 5 above.
  16. In the event that a transaction is cancelled your account will be returned to the state prior to that transaction. Any charges for transactions conducted after the cancelled transaction will be recalculated as if the original (cancelled) transaction had not taken place. If this results in a negative “WineInterest” value, the equivalent value will be removed from the cash balance in the account to compensate and return the “WineInterest” balance to zero before any cash refund takes place.
  17. WineBank is provided for the benefit of our customers. If we deem that an account is being used in contravention of the principles of the scheme we reserve the right to cancel that account.


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