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Put the fun back into your dating life by replacing your classic dinner and drinks dates with some new experiences. Mix things up and start making your dates memorable – even if sparks don’t fly!

One of the most difficult things about dating is that it can get, well, a bit boring. When you’re going out on dates regularly, it can be tempting to start repeating the same patterns over and over again, heading to the same local bar, ordering the same drink and having unmemorable experiences. No-one expects every first date to cause fireworks but it is possible to enjoy the dating process, even if those dates don’t lead to a long-lasting relationship – it’s all about having experiences.

The right experience can make even the most mediocre date memorable. Not only do they help to combat any risk of boredom, experience dates also help to showcase your personality and interests, can put you and your date at ease, and contribute towards forming a bond between you. Sitting face-to-face across a table in a restaurant or bar can make dates feel more like job interviews, with added awkwardness when the conversation doesn’t flow. Experiences shift focus and provide an easy conversation starter.

And there’s an experience out there to suit every taste. Red Letter Days has a whole category dedicated to couples’ experiences, with options available for every stage of your relationship, from your first date to your fifth anniversary. Whether you’d love to spend an afternoon being pampered in a luxury spa or would feel more at home behind the wheel of a Formula One car, there’s bound to be a Red Letter Days experience that fits the bill.

Here’s just a few of the options that we think would make a very memorable first date:

Swap drinks in a bar for a brewery tour

Drinks is the go-to date for many of us; it’s easy, familiar, and can provide a jolt of liquid confidence when we need it the most. But if the bar staff at your local are starting to give you a knowing look every time you turn up with a new date, it might be time to change things up a bit. A brewery or distillery tour can offer a great twist on the classic ‘drinks’ date; it’s more interactive than a sit down date but still offers the promise of a drink at the end. Break the ice on the tour before sitting down and having a great conversation.

Swap coffee for afternoon tea

When we’re short of time, it can be incredibly tempting to suggest a quick coffee date in your lunchbreak, but this is one of the worst ways that you can try and get to know someone or form any sort of connection. Firstly, you’re always conscious that you need to get back to your desk so you can’t relax properly, and secondly, it makes dating seem like an inconvenience, something that you have to fit into your schedule, whether you like it or not.

Going for afternoon tea instead is a real treat, an indulgence that helps us get back to the true reason for dating – to have fun! For an hour or two, you can just focus on having a good time with the person you’re with, while the numerous themed options out there (from Rock ‘n’ Roll to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) act as perfect conversation starters.

Swap the cinema for a concert

Music is one of those things that almost everyone is passionate about, and shared musical tastes are often central to a successful relationship. If you and your date share a love of a certain music genre – or even better a particular band – then why not swap your cinema date for a concert? Even the biggest film fan would acknowledge that it’s very difficult to get to know someone when conversation is forbidden until the credits roll, but at a concert there’s plenty of time to chat between songs, while the songs themselves help to fill any awkward silences. And even if you don’t click with your date, you’ll still have a great evening doing something you love!

Swap a walk in the park for indoor skydiving

While getting outside and exploring can make for a great summer date, there’s nothing quite like a shot of adrenalin – it’s the best way to form an intense bond. If you’ve always wanted to try driving a racing car or taking a hot air balloon ride at sunset, then why not try it on a date? Our pick: indoor skydiving. That way you get all the buzz and excitement combined with that feeling of being swept off your feet, with none of the nerve-wracking height and injury issues! And when you’ve got your feet back on the ground, you’ll have plenty to talk about with your date.

Swap a night out for a spa day

It can be tough to relax and enjoy those early dates and, while butterflies are always welcome, it’s difficult to open up and show-off your personality when you’re battling nerves. That’s why a spa day, while intimate, is a great way to ensure that you let go and really make the most of your date. If it feels too early to book in for a couples’ massage just yet, then why not book separate treatments and meet up afterwards? Conversation over a cup of herbal tea is sure to come easily when you’re completely chilled out – you’re also more likely to come across as the truest version of yourself.

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