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Films and online dating

Did you know that your taste in films could impact your online dating life? Our latest study reveals the films that make you more attractive – and the ones that could sink your chances

Whether you prefer classic rom-coms or Stallone-style action flicks, watching a film is one of the most popular date night activities. But did you know that your taste in films could affect your online dating success? eharmony’s most recent study reveals the Oscar-winning films that could help you increase the number of messages you receive, as well as those that might hurt your chances!

Attractive award-winners

Our study found that Argo is the Oscar best picture that could improve your dating life the most. Those listing the 2012 Ben Affleck-directed drama among their favourite films receive almost twice as many (+90%) messages than the average eharmony member. Other attractive films – for both genders – include Forrest Gump (+58%), Moonlight (+52%) and Crash (+79%).

Unfortunately, not all films prove to be a hit with the opposite sex. In fact, few films can sink your chances like Titanic. Those who mention James Cameron’s epic on their dating profile receive 3% fewer messages than those who don’t. The Godfather may be thought of as one of the greatest films ever made but it isn’t a hit with online daters, with fans seeing a 19% reduction in messages. Plus, despite being one of the most common films included on dating profiles, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King also leads to a 3% drop in communication.

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Men vs. women

When it comes to the films that make you more attractive, there are gender differences. If you’re a man who loves musicals, then you’re in luck! Mentioning My Fair Lady on your dating profile leads to a 79% increase in messages from women, while West Side Story boosts communication rates by 70%. In contrast, female fans that include 2005’s surprise Oscar winner Crash receive 79% more messages from men. Single women also see a boost in their communication from the opposite sex by mentioning Birdman (+54%), Driving Miss Daisy (+43%), and Midnight Cowboy (+43%).

Film taste vs. personality traits

eharmony’s study not only looked at which Oscar-winning films could improve online dating success but also why. By applying our 18 dimensions of compatibility to the data, we uncovered some intriguing insights. With its complex storyline and adventurous themes, you won’t be surprised to learn that fans of Lord of the Rings tend to score highly in intellectual curiosity, while Titanic fans are die-hard romantics.

However, some of the most interesting findings concerns fans of The Godfather. Admirers of the classic mob movie score higher than average in athleticism, intellectual curiosity, and intelligence. They’re also more confrontational – not unlike the fictional Corleone family of the film!

Lie to me

When it comes to impressing the opposite sex, 6% of singles admit they’d lie about having seen a film if it would improve their chances of finding love. The most commonly lied about films? Star Wars, Titanic, and Love Actually. And that’s not all; our study also found that almost 1 in 10 singles would happily sit through a film they hate for the sake of a date.

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Check out the full list of films that could improve your online dating success:

Table 1: Most popular Oscar-winning films and their impact on online dating communications

Popularity rank Film Increase/decrease in number of messages received
1 Argo (2012) +90%
2 The Lost Weekend (1945) +90%
3 All About Eve (1950) +66%
4 Forrest Gump (1994) +58%
5 Moonlight (2016) +52%
6 Driving Miss Daisy (1989) +50%
7 All the King’s Men (1949) +45%
8 Crash (2005) +42%
9 Gigi (1958) +40%
10 Marty (1955) +34%

Table 2: Best Picture Oscar-winning films with the most significant impact on online dating communications for male and female users

Rank – most commonly mentioned Men Women
Film Difference in number of messages received Film Difference in number of messages received
1 Moonlight (2016) +87% Crash (2005) +79%
2 My Fair Lady (1964) +79% Birdman (2014) +54%
3 Out of Africa (1985) +74% Argo (2012) +44%
4 Marty (1955) +73% Driving Miss Daisy (1989) +43%
5 Midnight Cowboy (1969) +72% Midnight Cowboy (1969) +43%
6 West Side Story (1961) +70% All About Eve (1950) +31%
7 Spotlight (2015) +64% On the Waterfront (1954) +25%
8 Dances With Wolves (1990) +56% Annie Hall (1977) +25%
9 12 Years a Slave (2013) +48% Moonlight (2016) +21%
10 The Apartment (1960) +43% American Beauty (1999) +21%

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