Five first date fashion faux pas


Fashion faux pas

Looks are by no means everything, but what you wear on a first date can have a huge impact on your date’s perception of you. After all, how would you feel if your date met you wearing old tracksuit bottoms to take you for dinner? To work out what you should wear on that all-important first date, weigh up location, time of day, weather and check out our five first date faux pas.

1.    A new trend
A first date is not the time to try out that exciting new trend, whether it’s platform heels or a brightly printed shirt. For one thing, you won’t feel like you – save it for the next time you’re out with your friends who can give you their honest opinion. Also, if you’re going for something really experimental chances are it’ll backfire on you; the platform heels could land you in the gutter and the brightly printed shirt might just provoke an adverse reaction in your date. We’re not saying don’t express yourself, just don’t go overboard on a first date – it’s a nerve-racking experience as it is without you trying to push the boundaries of fashion.

2.    Too little
Ladies, as your mother told you, don’t serve yourself up on a plate. Putting everything on show on a first date is pretty tacky – aim for flirty rather than trashy. According to scientists from the University of Leeds, the optimum amount of flesh to show to attract a man is 40%. We’re not sure how you work that out when you’re getting ready for your date, but a good rule of thumb is to pick one area you want to accentuate. Whether that’s your décolleté or your shapely calves, you’ll be in little danger of overdoing it.

Gentlemen, this is less of an issue for you of course, but no lady wants to see a builder’s bum. Keep that waistband hitched up!

3.    Something out of place
As we said before, think about the bigger picture. If you’re just going for a coffee then it’s not the time to break out the designer gear. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable dressing for the situation rather than dressing to impress. If your date has chosen the location – especially if it’s a restaurant – it’s perfectly ok to ask what kind of place you’re going to. There’s little more embarrassing than assuming you’re popping to Pizza Express when in reality you’re being treated to a Michelin starred restaurant.

4.    Your sloppy clothes
Even if you feel incredibly comfortable with your date already, or you’re having an outdoors outing, don’t assume it’s acceptable to wear your paint spattered weekend togs. Everyone likes to feel that someone has made an effort for them, and even if that just means donning a nice jumper for a walk in the country, it’s the little things that count.

5.    Funeral attire
Our final tip is mainly for the ladies – though in some cases might apply to gentlemen too. We all know that black is a great colour as it’s easy to wear and slimming, but it’s also pretty dull. Even just a splash of colour adds personality, and it’ll lift your mood too.

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