Five men women avoid



However good-looking they might be, some men just aren’t commitment material. There’s just not enough room in their lives for someone of the opposite sex. These are the type of matches that women will steer clear of at all costs.

1. The match who behaves like a child

This man won’t let go of his glory days when life was simple and free from responsibilities. He probably still plays in his band, eats nothing but pizza and wants to spend all his time with “the boys”.

As a flash back to old-times, he might be a fun match for a date or two but doesn’t want the hassle of a serious relationship.  This match should be vetoed until he grows up.

2. The man with the wandering eye

This guy looks at every female but the one he’s with. No-one is off limits, be it the woman at the bus stop or even his friend’s wife. While appreciating beauty is one thing, ogling at it is quite another.

Having to compete for a partner’s attention is very tiring. Even the most confident of women like their matches to treat them like they’re the only one there.

3. The miser

You don’t have to be a gold digger to see the difference between a man who’s a bit frugal and one who’s downright stingy. We all know someone who parks five streets away to avoid buying a £2 ticket, makes a sharp exit to the loo the minute the bill arrives or refuses to tip.

There’s nothing wrong with watching what you spend every now and then, but being with someone who is always looking for the cheapest alternative is never fun. Stealing food from work, repeatedly counting change and rationing loo paper are not what women look for in a match. In fact, it shouts control freak.

4. The gadget geek

Whether it’s the latest phone, laptop, luxury car or speed-boat, this guy always has a new toy. He has more time for his gadgets than he does for his girl and needs to constantly trade up to feed his ego and impress his friends.

Any woman who dates this match will have to fight hard for his attention. And much like he does with his toys, she’ll be left wandering if he’s about to trade her in for a new model.

5. The mummy’s boy

He probably still lives with his parents and lets his mum wash his clothes, cook his meals and generally spoil him rotten. And the mummy’s boy expects the same treatment from his match.

Instead of fighting a losing battle, most women would rather leave the parenting to his indulgent mother.

The verdict

To be fair, these men aren’t all bad. The good news is that the traits that make some men avoidable are completely… well, avoidable. A little encouragement can be all it takes for them to change. But, for women, there’s a difference between doing some gentle coaxing and fighting a battle you’re never going to win.


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