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Ask any woman what men want and most will probably retort ‘sex’ or ‘beer’. But, beyond the realm of caricature, what do men really want in a relationship? The fact is that men are just as complex as women – here are five basic things that hold true about men’s relationship needs:

1. Laughter

Most singles will look for someone with a good sense of humour – it’s no coincidence that personals will often list a GSOH in their ‘looking for’ section. Men are well aware that a couple who can share a laugh together, even in tough times, will stay together.

2. Support

Letting him know you’re on his side is incredibly important. Whether he’s had a tough day at work, or wants to take flying lessons, make sure he knows you’re backing him up. If you act as a team then nothing in life should be able to stop you.

3. Admiration

This one sounds a bit sycophantic but bear with us! We’re not talking about kissing your man’s feet every time he walks through the door, but rather letting him know you’re proud of his achievements. Whether he’s got a promotion at work or he’s the top scorer on his 5-aside football team, take an interest and you’ll feel closer than ever.

4. A social life

When you’re in a relationship there can be nothing nicer than spending a whole weekend in, hiding away from the rest of the world. But, men need the outside world (in some cases more than women) and when the time comes you’ll need to be ready to socialise as he shows you off. Whether it’s with his friends or family, be prepared to have any kind of social situation sprung on you – it should earn a ton of Brownie points at least.

5.  Freedom

Something most people know in theory (though not always in practice) is that you can’t change a partner.  And this most definitely applies to you man’s social habits; he may love spending lots of his time with you, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of his hobbies or evenings out. A happy him will mean a happy you – and you’ll get some alone time too.

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