Five ways to drive him away



We’ve all over-analysed our actions wondering why a guy didn’t return our calls. Did I eat too quickly? Didn’t he like my dress sense? Did I say something offensive by mistake? Unfortunately, there’s a whole swathe of reasons why someone might choose to stop getting in touch, but we’ve pinpointed five actions that are sure fire ways to drive him away

1.  Saying ‘I love you’

With these three little words, timing is everything. Men aren’t much different from women, and they like to hear you love them. But, just because you think you’ve found ‘the one’ after a few weeks of dating, doesn’t mean it’s time to say ‘I love you’.  Many men will translate this phrase into one word – psycho. You both need time to work out how you really feel about each other, beyond that initial attraction and reining yourself in could do you both good in the long term.

2. Laddish behaviour

We can all agree that women’s liberation has come a long way since Victorian times, and we’re no longer required to wear long skirts and agree with everything our partner says.  But, the fact is that most blokes like their dates to be a little feminine. Resist the temptation to challenge him to a pint drinking contest – at least for the first few dates.

3. Dreaming of the big day

For some women, they meet the man of their dreams and the wedding follows naturally afterwards. But for other women, they’ve dreamed of getting married since they can remember, and the man is simply an afterthought. If you’re the type who’s already picked out your diamond ring before the third date, you might want to at least keep a lid on your plans. Coming over and seeing your tattered collection of bridal magazines will probably be a big turn-off for most men.

4. Daddy cool

In our modern world, most single men of a certain age know it’s quite likely they could end up dating a woman with children.  And if you’re a single parent, honesty is the best policy as this can be a big no-no for some men. If your date is happy with you having children, resist the temptation to tell him what a great dad he’ll make to little Michael. He’ll need to take tentative steps into your situation, and if he thinks you’re already envisioning him as your children’s new role model, he’s bound to feel overwhelmed.

5.  My ex was a nutter/amazing (delete as appropriate)

It’s likely you have a dating history, as your match probably will. But talking about how great or terrible your ex was can only be a turn off. If he was God’s gift to women, your date will feel he can never compare. And if he was a creep who slept with your best friend your date will wonder why on earth you went out with him for so long – and if you’ve got terrible judgement.

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