Which flowers can you buy for men? Re-imagining romantic gifting


Flowers for men

Flower-giving is often seen as a romantic gesture. However, although its long and varied history has a distinctly male-to-female flavour, it’s now becoming more and more common for women to buy men flowers. Vanessa Birley explains all

Flowers have been given as gifts for thousands of years. In fact, there’s evidence that the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Chinese all featured flowers prominently in their myths and legends. In the Middle Ages, flowers were use as a communication tool and the Victorians embraced flowers to such an extent that they gave each bloom a different meaning. Floral communication was an unspoken yet subtle language.


Mixed arrangement of chrysanthemum bloom, lily, hypericum, solidago, madibar chrysanthemum

Flowers can be used to communicate joy, celebration, sympathy, grief, a new life or a new union when words may seem insignificant. Historically, men have given women flowers as a way to express romantic interest, woo, and confirm intentions. Most women enjoy receiving flowers – the colour, fragrance and sheer beauty of most flowers are a joy to have in one’s hand or home.



But what of giving men blooms? In the past, the giving of flowers to a man from a woman may not have been appreciated. However, it’s now an acceptable and truly treasured offering. Whether the intent is to express interest by giving a single stem or as a celebration for his birthday, get well flowers, or simply to say he is in your thoughts, flowers are the new and not so subtle communication tool of the 21st century.


Mixed arrangement of brassica, chrysanthemum bloom, eryngium, antirrhinum

While living in a time of pokes, winks and favourites, why not express one’s feelings by giving beautiful blooms, conveying how much you appreciate or admire that special man?

Are there certain flowers that, as women, we would consider giving more than others? Certainly flowers have different characteristics and a softer, more pillowy flower may seem more ‘feminine’ in its qualities than others. So what are some flowers that may be valued by the man in your life? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Rose – from the timeless avalanche rose to the sleek grand prix rose, liked by many
  2. Sunflowers – with their bright colours ranging from yellow to deep orange these make a beautiful gift
  3. Tulips – the quintessential spring flower with a stunning variety of colours
  4. Gladioli – mimicking a spear, these are certainly one of the more “masculine” looking flowers
  5. Protea – a large selection with a hardy appearance, and very long lasting
  6. Brassica – or mini cabbages, available in a lovely selection of colours
  7. Orchids – ranging from small headed dendrobium to the large vanda orchid, these are a popular choice
  8. Gerbera – another versatile choice in a variety of bright colours


King pink protea

Using specially selected blooms and a diversity of foliage, the man in your life will not only receive some lovely flowers, but may be secretly pleased you hold him in high enough regard to give him a bouquet or stem, communicating your intentions in such an enchanting medium.


Mixed bouquet of pincushion protea, rose, hydrangea, hypericum

Vanessa Birley is the in-house Floral Designer at Bloom & Wild. Bloom & Wild are re-imagining flowers. They are the UK’s first florist to deliver full bouquets of cut-to-order, longer-lasting flowers through the letterbox. They offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly subscriptions, as well as one-off gifts.

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