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Not only has the weather been a bit on the unpredictable side but many people are feeling the pinch financially, so we thought we’d suggest some free dating ideas which are perfect for the long summer days.

Eat outdoors

Restaurants can be pricey but there’s no denying that there’s something very intimate about sharing food together. To cut the cost, prepare a picnic. The first and most important thing to consider is location. Choose somewhere beautiful where you can watch the sun go down or the stars come out. Each of you can bring food to the date, so it is a shared venture and the emphasis, and expense, isn’t all on one person.

Remember to take two blankets – one to sit on and another to snuggle under if the evening turns chilly – cushions to lay your head on and look at the stars make it even more romantic. There’s even an app for smart phones that allows you to point your phone at the sky find out about the different constellations. Take storm lamps or wood for a campfire (if it is permitted, many national parks no longer allow fires) – a torch to find your way back to the car is also a good idea.

Keep it simple and remember you don’t have to buy expensive food or drink to make it really special, the thought you put into planning is far more valuable.

Anyone for tennis?

It doesn’t have to be tennis, any sport where you play an opponent can be the basis for a great date. Tennis courts are widely available, usually free to book and apart from racquets and balls you don’t need any specialist equipment or knowledge.

It doesn’t matter whether you and your date are hopeless or pros, or whether one of you is good and the other one isn’t, you will find a way of playing together that suits your ability levels. Anyone can play tennis if they are open to the experience – the key to making it fun is to not take it too seriously.

Exercising with someone increases a feeling of connection and closeness which is why it’s a great date choice.  If you have fun you’ll both be winners, no matter how badly you played.

Local events

Many people are unaware of how many free events take place in their local area. During the summer weekends, most towns are filled with boot sales, farmer’s markets, free concerts, fairs, fates and street parties. The key to making the most of these events is to know what’s going on and where. Scan the local paper, look online and plan ahead so that you don’t get to autumn feeling like you missed out on all the summer fun.

Give your time

A great way to feel good about yourself, and the person you’re dating, is to volunteer together for a local cause. This could mean that you give a couple of hours running a stall at a charity event, run a mile to raise money or spend an hour in your city centre with a collection tin. Volunteering doesn’t have to be an ongoing thing, it can be a one-off that you and your date do together. The time given to others will benefit the time you spend together as it can strengthen the bond between you.

Whatever you do don’t let lack of money, or sunshine, stop you from really enjoying your dates this summer. Love is free and dates can be too if you use a little imagination.

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