How dating levels indicate future economic growth


Money still won’t buy it, but our love lives tell us more about the economic outlook than we might think, according to our new Future of Dating study.

Future of Dating: The Lovedex

Our research measured ‘interest in dating’ over the past decade using Google search data, social media mentions, and traffic to These were then combined to create the ‘Lovedex’, which measures daily interest in dating on a scale between 0 and 100.

The Lovedex results were plotted against other established measures and events over the past decade – including economic factors such as GDP, sporting events, and major popular culture events like the Royal engagement.

Particularly fascinating is the relation between love and the economy, with interest in dating tending to spike three months in advance of economic growth.

It seems that dating – and the spend that comes with it – may be a gauge of consumer confidence and an indicator of economic performance. Our in-house Psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulos explains: “Not only does financial stability – whether that’s real or just perceived – mean that people think they can physically afford to go on more dates, but also psychologically it makes them feel more ‘ready’ for a relationship. This security instils the belief that they can support a partner, or remain financially independent themselves.”

The Lovedex eharmony

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