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10 real reasons women just disappear

by Eharmony Editorial Team - November 15, 2011

We follow up our '10 real reasons men just disappear' with the girl's eye view on why women can sometimes do a vanishing act too.

Have you ever been on a few dates with someone and then they suddenly vanish with no warning? Well, here are 10 real reasons why women might just disappear

1. We’ve got a fixed idea of the perfect man

Most women know what they’re looking for in a man, and that’s generally a good thing. But, some women have a very fixed idea of what their perfect man looks, sound and smells like, and unfortunately if you don’t fit that bill then you won’t be hearing from them again.

2. We’re suffering from princess syndrome

Princess syndrome seems to be affecting more and more women, disguised as some kind of twisted idea of female equality. Unfortunately, most men have little to no chance with these women unless they do actually treat them like royalty. If she doesn’t feel like she’s been treated like a princess, she’ll just disappear – you’re not worth more of her time.

3. We’ve met someone better

In the world of modern dating, life can move very fast. If your date meets someone new who is a better fit for her, then she might suddenly fall off the face of the earth. We know it’s hard, but try not to take it personally

4. We’re creeped out

Women, like men, enjoy physical contact, but perhaps not so much on a first date. If the guy gets too close over dinner, or goes for the lunge at the end of the date and we’re not quite feeling it, we might just disappear. Feeling creeped out isn’t conducive to the start of a great relationship.

5. We’re bored

One person’s idea of boring is another person’s idea of fascinating. But if we’ve gone on a date and found you boring, we might feel justified in disappearing; after all, if there was no spark, we might argue there’s no harm…

6. You might want to know why

Sometimes we might just not be into you. That could be for any reason, from the fact that we thought we saw you eyeing up another woman on our date to our dislike of your pet ferret. When we decide we don’t want to see you again, we have a decision; tell him exactly why, lie, or just disappear. Disappearing is simplest (we’re not saying it’s the best way!)

7. You won’t understand why

If we think you’re clueless, then we might decide it’s easier to stop calling, rather than have a long, drawn out conversation about why we don’t want to see you again. Unfair maybe, but at the time, it seems like the best option. (We’re definitely not saying it’s the right option!)

8. We hate confrontation

OK, so no one likes confrontation, but some women (and some men too) really, really hate it.  And in that situation, when faced with an awkward conversation, or just disappearing, the latter option is more appealing.

9. We think you will take it badly

Men often talk about how women can turn into bunny boilers when rejected, but guys can do it too. If we think you might have psycho potential, then we might choose to slip away quietly.

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10. The date was terrible

Bad dates happen, and many women think that one bad date does not require any kind of follow up. If you know the date went badly, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t get in touch again. Some people think this is acceptable, and some think that it’s rude. Either way, it happens.

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