Gallery: 8 (ish) reasons to smooch!


1. Make them count

Make them intimate, but not sloppy, and make sure the person you’re kissing wants to be kissed. And kiss them in the right place too; just as you’re crossing the road – wrong, during a Sunday stroll in the park – right.

Check out our top 7 kissing mistakes for more info.

7. Become more attractive

Kissing unleashes pheromones; these are thought to be chemical messages sent between members of the same species, which might play an important part in attraction. We’re not sure how they work yet, but they’re thought to show sexual arousal, and bring you closer to your date.

2. Beat your stress

Kissing is a great stress reliever. When you kiss your brain increases production of the hormone oxytocin, which is thought to reduce stress and just as importantly increase your happiness levels.

3. Increase your emotional connection

Hugging someone creates a lovely warm feeling inside, and has also been shown to increase those levels of oxytocin we were talking about before. But it's kissing that seriously ramps up the emotional connection between you and your partner. Whether you’ve been dating for a few months or married for 25 years make sure you kiss your partner, often!

4. Throw away the paracetamol

Kissing also releases lots of other lovely things in our bodies including dopamine (the pleasure chemical) and phenylethylamine (the ‘love drug’, also found in chocolate). Endorphins are also released which are known to relieve pain, and create feelings of euphoria. Together they combine to give you that floating on air feeling.

5. Have fewer fillings (!)

Kissing creates more saliva, which (as chewing gum manufacturers are always keen to point out) kills bacteria in the mouth and helps reduce cavities. Win!

6. Feel the burn

Kissing burns calories too – who knew! In fact it burns about twice as many as just sitting around; around 2 calories a minute.

8. Different gender, different reason to kiss

According to a study by Susan Hughes (that we talked about here) men and women kiss for differen reasons. Women use kissing to evaluate a potential partner and the check the status of a relationship. On the other hand, men see kissing as a precursor to sex and to resolve conflict.

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