Guys: how to avoid fashion blunders on a date


So you’ve managed to get the girl you’ve been eyeing up to agree to go on a date with you. And now the next step: what do you wear? Are your beaten up Converse okay? If they come back to your place will she approve of your novelty t-shirt collection? Best to hide that stuff…and read on to figure out your date outfit!

For starters, let’s try to avoid the top 5 mistakes that guys make:

1. Bling.  Avoid any flashy logos, over-the-top jewelry or watches. Unless you’re interested in a gold digger, that is. Keep it understated and contemporary.

2. Too tight clothing. If you don’t have the body of a Greek god, it doesn’t look great. If you do have the body of a Greek god, it looks pretentious.

3. Too much cologne.  A little bit of aftershave goes a long way!

4. You’re a mess.  There is a difference between a slightly scruffy, vintage look, and being a complete mess. Above all, no sportswear or clothes that you chill out in. You need to look like you’ve bothered and you only get one chance to make an impression!

5. Hats. Just no. Especially inside.

So now let’s look at what you should be doing:

1. Get the balance right. What is the atmosphere like where you are going? Is it smart or casual? Don’t overdress (try hard), or under-dress (apathy). Don’t listen to your mates – you need to look great but feel at ease at the same time.

2. Wear decent shoes. Avoid trainers and flip flops, and make sure they’re polished.

3. Pick a nice shirt or polo shirt. She’ll be a sucker for a guy in a shirt, it looks like you’ve made an effort. Make sure it’s ironed though.

4. Personality. Wear colour, by all means, but wear colours that suit your complexion. Don’t go over the top with crazy patterns and logos.

5. Work attire. If you’re going for drinks after work, remove your tie and undo the top 2 buttons.

And finally, some etiquette tips:


– Pay her a compliment

– Offer to pay the bill

– Put your phone on silent

– Listen and reflect on what they say


– Monologue – spend equal time talking

– Let her organise the first date

– Talk about exes (obviously)

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