Heartbeat of the UK: Live Twitter Visualisation of Love


What does love mean to Brits in the digital age?

eHarmony.co.uk analysed millions of tweets to find the time and day when those in the UK are most ‘loved-up’. While Sunday was the most popular day at over 7% the average (with 9pm being the peak “love hour”), Brits are least likely to feel the love on a Tuesday.

The positive feelings associated with Sundays extend to those we share the weekend with – making the word ‘people’ one of the most tweeted words alongside ‘love’, followed by ‘happy’ and ‘life’. On Tuesdays, ‘work’ features highly – indicative of a return to our weekly routines. The word ‘sending’ also over indexed on the scale.

As part of exploring what the nation holds most dear, eHarmony experts have launched the first ever live digital visualisation of love. UK Heart beat features a graphic animated heart that reacts every time the word ‘love’ is mentioned by a UK twitter user in the run up to Valentine’s Day. The site for the first time reveals how overall interest in ‘love’ changes by time of day and location, tracking a total ‘love’ count for each of the UK’s most popular cities by hour. This will create an ever-clearer picture of how, why and when we feel most loved up.

Heartbeat of the UK

Using public Twitter data, Heartbeat analyses the UK’s relationship with the word ‘love’ in real-time. The more people tweet their ‘love’ the faster the animated heart will beat. Watch the most “loved-up” cities compete as well as the words most often associated with the word ‘love’ – all as they happen.

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