How to avoid first date food fiascos



There’s nothing worse than smiling seductively at your date, only to realise when you head to the loo that you’ve got a piece of spinach lodged between your teeth. And reaching for the toothpick is never going to score you points. First dates are tricky enough without embarrassing food blunders. If you’re hoping for a good night kiss or date number two, avoid these foods at all costs.

Leafy vegetables

Steer clear of clingy, leafy greens like seaweed, spinach and mint. A Mojito might seem like a breath enhancing confidence booster, but remember that a collection of mint between your teeth is never a good look.

Corn on the cob

Even the most delicate eaters will struggle to look attractive while tackling corn on the cob. Not only are the corn kernels guaranteed to get lodged in your teeth, but you can’t help but end up with butter smeared all over your face. And ladies, imagine what it will do to your lipstick!

Whole seafood

As indulgent as lobster, crab or prawns might sound, crustaceans are notoriously difficult to eat elegantly and are liable to send juice and bits of shell flying at your date. If you can’t resist them, make sure they have been de-shelled first before they land on your plate. Stinky fingers dribbling in shellfish juices and butter won’t be a turn on.


Strawberry, sesame and poppy seeds are particularly adept at lodging themselves in tooth crannies and removing them is no easy challenge.


Pungent cheeses linger on the palate, leaving a rancid taste of sour milk. Make sure you follow it up with fresh fruit to get rid of the smell or avoid cheese altogether.


They might be a barbecue staple, but there’s a reason why ribs are usually accompanied with napkins. It’s hard to look suave with barbecue sauce smeared round your mouth, meat stuck between your teeth and a plate full of bones in front of you.

Garlic and onions

We all know to avoid this duo, but be aware that they can often be lurking in sauces. You can get just about get away with cooked onions but raw ones are a definite no no. Make sure you read the menu carefully to avoid disaster.

Ethical eating

Vegetarians probably won’t flee if you order a chicken breast or sausages – most see their menu restrictions as a personal choice. But be sensitive. Avoid the hulking great steak or anything from a cute baby animal like veal, or you’ll risk the evil eye.

Picking the right spot

It might be tempting to impress your date with a hip new spot or exotic fare but it’s better to play it safe for your first meal together. Certain food types can spell doom for those with sensitive stomachs or restricted diets. Opt for somewhere where you know the food is good and there’s something for all tastes. You can be more adventurous once you know what they like.

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