How to Lose a Guy in Three Dates


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We know it isn’t always easy to find your one true love. So when you do come across a man who has that distinct ‘Mr. Right’ vibe, the last thing you want to do is chase him away before he’s had the chance to fall in love with you.

But don’t take this as a definitive guide on how to lose a good man – and any of these techniques could put paid to your budding relationship even more swiftly than three dates. And with that caveat in place, here are a few things not to do when embarking on your dating adventure:

Date One: You lie

A little white lie here, a half-truth there. It’s probably safe to say we’ve all been a tad economical with the truth when we were busy trying to impress a prospective partner. But, trust us, there’s no faster way to chase a man away, or ruin the potential for something wonderful, than beginning your relationship with lies. It’s hard to keep track of the things you say in the heat of the first-date moment, so you’re likely to get caught out sooner or later. And no matter how good you are at sticking to your stories, there’s no hiding in this day and age – Twitter or Facebook will be all too happy to reveal your secrets, even if you don’t. So, yes, it can be tempting to let your date believe you bake your own bread, speak four languages and don’t have any jealous exes, but believe us, it just isn’t worth it.

N.B That doesn’t mean you have to reveal your whole life story either – over-sharing is just as likely to send a man packing as telling outright lies!

Date Two: You leave it too long

We don’t like to get too cheesy and ‘motivate-y’ but, if it fits, it fits. So carpe diem, seize the moment, strike when the iron is hot – whatever you want to call it, just don’t leave it too long to book your next date in. It’s easy to get swept back up in your life and let a couple of weeks go before you start thinking about another meet-up. But if he has potential to be something special, then make sure you’ve got a date in the diary as soon as possible. Of course, there’s exceptions to every rule, but who wants to chance it when it comes to the future love of your life?

Date Three: You play hard to get

You’ve got to your third date. Whether it’s a tiny spark or a burning flame, there’s clearly something going on between you. So you play it a little cooler, just so he doesn’t get too confident, right? Only if you’re hoping to send mixed signals and end up back (alone) at square one. Which is great news because it means you get to embrace the excitement you feel about seeing someone you like. It means you get to show them you’re enjoying their company. It means you get to let them know they’re in with a chance. It’s pretty scary to put yourself out there, but there’s nothing worse than deterring a man you like simply because he didn’t know you were interested. We’ve all read magazine articles that tell us that men value confidence above all else. And what’s more confident than being open about how you feel?

Have you got any cardinal dating sins to share? Let us know in the comments.

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