How to choose a great Valentine’s bouquet


Valentine's bouquet

How do you get that Valentine’s bouquet right early on in the relationship? We’ve got some expert floral advice to help you out 

The start of a new relationship is an exciting but often tricky time. When the first months of a new relationship fall over the Valentine’s period, this can lead to a lot of anxiety over deciding whether to make a big romantic gesture, such as sending flowers, or not.

To help you out, we’ve sought the advice of UK flower delivery company Arena Flowers to find out how to make an appropriate gesture when sending flowers at the start of a new relationship:

Valentine’s Day is often synonymous with flowers and chocolates and people can assume this also means big romantic gestures. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.  If it’s early on in a relationship and you would like to send flowers but are worried that it’s too soon to send a huge bunch of romantic roses, don’t panic. There are plenty of ways to show you’re excited about someone without overwhelming them.

1.    Be thoughtful

You don’t need to spend a lot of money for a Valentine’s treat – but do spend some time thinking about it. What type of person are they? A classic bouquet would be a dozen red roses, of course, and would suit someone who enjoys the romantic traditions. However, there are many other alternatives which are just as much of a treat.

Lilies are a good choice and are stunning, smell great and always look impressive. Lily pollen can poison cats so consider who they share a home with first! A bunch of tulips is simple, elegant and warm, reflecting sunny personalities. Gerbera are really fun and perfect for your loud and proud date.

Don’t forget to think about colour too. To really impress, match the flowers to their living room colour scheme. For example stick to subtle whites and pastels if they have opted for a neutral palette and you’re sure not to go far wrong. If their style is more natural, go for a bouquet with a mix of different types of flower including some “wild” flowers and lots of greenery.

2.    Think about where you’re sending the flowers

If you send flowers to someone at work, they are likely to get quite a lot of attention from work colleagues. You’re the best judge of whether or not that’s the sort of attention would make them comfortable. Again, it’s about being thoughtful.  If you want to send something to the workplace early on in a relationship, don’t go for a bouquet of red roses – perhaps send some white roses or irises so that it’s less heavy on the romance.  A good idea might be to include a box of chocolates for them to share with their colleagues.

3.    Take time over the card

Once you’ve chosen a bouquet to send, again spend some time on the message in the card. Make it personal. If it’s early on in your relationship, why not write something funny, like a limerick or poem. Or keep it simple and write that you look forward to seeing them soon – or that you enjoyed a particular time you spent together. Try to avoid just wishing them a happy Valentine’s Day. They will appreciate the extra effort you put into the message.

So remember that whilst Valentine’s flowers are a wonderful treat for a partner – or potential partner – sending flowers is all about the thought that’s gone into it, rather than how much you spend.

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