How to never ask ‘Do you like me?’ again


Finding out whether a potential beau likes you is a tough task – you’re probably not going to ask them straight out, and you also probably don’t want to just blindly guess. But, help is at hand, with this guide to spotting those non-verbal signals that someone likes you.

1.    Do they make an effort for you?
However hectic and busy someone’s life is, they’ll find time for you if they like you. It’s as simple as that. If you feel like they’re making you a priority, then you’ve got sign number one nailed down. Conversely, if they only ever seem to have time for you when it’s convenient for them, and you feel like you’re always fitting into their schedule, then you might be barking up the wrong tree.  Maybe they’re not interested, or they’re just plain selfish – either way it’s not a good sign.

2.    What do you talk about?
Do you feel like this person is engaged when they talk to you? Does your conversation flow smoothly covering lots of different, interesting topics? If so, excellent; the person in question cares about you enough to really get involved in what you’re saying and to want to know more about you.

One caveat, some people you’ll talk to may well be engaged for another reason – maybe they’re a hairdresser looking for a good tip or a colleague looking for help on a project. Use a bit of common sense when you’re trying to figure this one out.

3.    What’s their body language like?
Good body language says so much more than just words, and it’s hard to fake too, so it’s a pretty good indicator that someone likes you. Signs such as making eye contact, touching your arm, leaning in and smiling are all positive. But, overall, if your date seems comfortable with you, and is happy for you to share their personal space, then you’ve got another great sign that they like you.

4.    Do they think about the future?
One sure sign is if your special someone appears to be factoring you into their future. Maybe when asked about their plans for the coming year they talk about ‘we’ instead of ‘me’, or perhaps they’re suggesting holidays and attending friends’ weddings together. If this is the vibe you’re getting then you’re almost certainly more than a friend to them.

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