Ideas for Fun Family Dates with Children of All Ages


Picture this – a romantic restaurant, candles, wine and your favourite meal. You gaze lovingly into your partner’s eyes and vow to remember this moment for the rest of your life. Just then, your two year old, who is sat next to you, hurls your £26 steak at a random stranger at the next table and the waiter suggests it might be better if you go somewhere else.

The very picture of romance, right?

As you get to know a new partner and their children, you’re going to want to do activities together as a family, but dating with children doesn’t need to be a disaster! We’ve got a date idea for kids of all ages to ensure you’re not dabbing gravy from a stranger’s immaculate white dress on your next date.



Family picnic date idea

If you’re looking to have a romantic date that’s also baby friendly, try a picnic in the park. Pick a sunny day and take some food and blankets with you and you can have a lovely date in the sunshine while your baby explores the grass. Even better, they can scream as loud as they want to and no one minds because you’re outside. If it rains, just pack up with picnic and have it on the floor indoors.



Dating with kids making pottery

Toddlers love nothing more than to get messy, so invite your partner and their kids over to do some family baking. Find some toddler friendly recipes that the kids will be able to make with a little bit of help, as well as making some more grown up treats to enjoy after your little one has gone to bed.


Aged 4-8 years



Family baking date idea for single parents

Children aged four and over love making things and getting crafty, so take your date and your kids for a day out at a local paint-your-own-pottery place. Painting a mug or a money box with your kids and partner is not only a great way to spend quality time together but it also means you will have a reminder of the day to keep for years to come.


Aged 8-12 years

Boy playing in a museum

When kids are a little bit older, they love running around, exploring and learning new things. Places like the Science Museum or local museums in your area that are child friendly with interactive games and puzzles are perfect to keep your kids entertained while you stroll around the exhibits.



eHarmony popcorn

Ah, the glorious teenage years… Teenagers aren’t known for being the most sociable of people and that a day out with the family probably isn’t top of their list of favourite things to do. However, a trip to the cinema with your partner and your teens will keep everyone happy, because it’s just like they’re sitting in a dark room at home, only with popcorn.


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