If Music is the Food of Love, Rock On


A survey by dating site eHarmony.co.uk has revealed its UK members’s favourite bands – and which musical artists will make your dating profile more attractive to the opposite sex.

From almost 8,000 members who chose to enter a favourite band on their online dating profile, eHarmony’s data scientists have determined the most popular bands and genres, comparing it against age, gender, location and even income to reveal some intriguing results.

eHarmony’s verdict? You’ve got to come ready to rock. From classic rock bands like Queen to 21st century anthem-writers such as Kings of Leon and The Killers, rock and roll topped the charts.

And it seems like Bon Jovi aren’t giving love a bad name after all! The kings of power ballads won out as the overall most popular band with eHarmony UK users


Top ten most popular bands

1 Bon Jovi
2 Kings Of Leon
3 Take That
4 Queen
5 Foo Fighters
6 U2
7 The Killers
8 Adele
9 Rihanna
10 Coldplay


Our dating data scientists also revealed that members who wrote any of the artists from the Top 10 received significantly more communication requests from their matches. That’s 21% more communication requests than the average!

TOP TIP: You don’t have to be a Bon Jovi fan to increase your communication requests. This study shows that the more interesting information you share about yourself on your online dating profile – whether it’s your favourite band, food or breed of dog – the more your profile will stand out to your matches!


Favourite bands by city

But the UK wasn’t unanimous with interesting variation across the country. While Liverpool and Nottingham flew the flag for pop music voting for Take That, and Leeds opting for R&B popstar Rihanna, rock bands like Leicester favourites Foo Fighters prevailed across many of the UK’s biggest cities.

Most popular music bands in UK eharmony users


The Gender Divide

Rock bands dominated the favourite bands for both sexes, however female eHarmony members also favoured leading female songstresses including P!nk, Rihanna and Adele. All of the bands in the top ten favoured by male members are fronted by male musicians.


eHarmony members favourite bands by gender


Musical tribes

In our survey, Rock and Pop was by far the most popular genre, with 65% of people displaying it on their eHarmony profile, with R&B a distant second with 8%.

Breaking the data down by age groups, Brits in their 50s are more likely to like Classical and Country music and the older the members get, the more likely they are to report Jazz as their favourite music too. Rap and Hip-Hop showed a different trend, as it is mainly popular with eHarmony’s younger members, and as they got older they were less likely to report themselves as hip hop fans.

Interestingly, members who take home less than £12,500 a year and those who make more than £75,000 a year are more likely to report not liking music at all!


How important is the music taste of the person you’re dating? Let us know in the comments!

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