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What do you do when you want to make the most of your online dating experience? Call in the experts! We met with coach and author Rebecca Perkins to find out more about Irresistible Dating Profiles – a brand new programme changing the face of online dating.

How did you come up with the idea for Creating Irresistible Dating Profiles?

Well, to cut a long story short, I’d come through a divorce, been single, had some fun and I was ready for a committed relationship.

But I wasn’t prepared to spend my entire free time reading profiles, going on dates that went nowhere, and generally wasting my time. I sat down and coached myself as I would a client and asked myself…What did I want? What was important to me in a relationship? What was I looking for? I worked with a friend who is also a writer and she guided me in creating a profile that was to become irresistible! I wanted to write something that was authentically me, I wanted to appeal to the types of men that would get me. I didn’t want an inbox filled with guys that hadn’t really read my profile but were just copy and pasting the same email to 100s of women! It was a risk and I was prepared to take it… worked!

So fast forward a few years and following on from my involvement as a judge for the UK Dating Awards and having coached people who were dating once more in midlife I realised that if my profile had worked then it would also work for others.

I approached Saskia Nelson of Saturday Night’s Alright, the talent behind the UK’s only dating photography business, and she loved the idea too. So here we are!


What will the programme involve?

There are 7 steps in the programme:

Step 1: Identifying + Creating 3 Personas + Usernames

Step 2: Crafting a Headline

Step 3: Writing The Profile Summaries

Step 4: The Five Things I Could Not Do Without

Step 5: What I’m Looking For

Step 6: The Power of the Image

Step 7: The Optional Important Stuff

There are a couple of ways that the programme will be run – one-to-one and as a workshop.


Who is the programme for? Do you have a vision of a typical programme participant?

  • The programme is for anyone who wants to take their online dating seriously
  • For anyone who is looking for a lasting relationship.
  • It’s for anyone who is ready to get creative and challenge themselves
  • For anyone who wants to take a look at what really matters to them.
  • And it’s for anyone who’s fed up with their current results and wants a profile that reflects who they really are.

It’s also important to say that it’s not for everyone! It’s definitely not for anyone who wants me to write their profile! Or anyone who wants a quick fix, or doesn’t want to think about what they really want and is adamant that they can’t and won’t write!


Tell me about the workshop you’re offering. How will that work? And what’s involved?

We are hugely excited about this as it’s bringing both our talents together to create a very special, fun and challenging day for participants. We’ll be teaching them step by step how to intrigue and delight people with their profile rather than for it to be yet another copy and pasted profile that they’ve used forever! By the end of the day they will have:

  • Up to three irresistible usernames, headlines and written profile summaries
  • 3 edited and lightly retouched portrait photos of them looking happy, relaxed and approachable
  • connected and shared experiences with others on the workshop

I will be working with participants on crafting their written profiles, challenging them and coaching them, whilst Saskia works her magic with her camera capturing some great portraits throughout the day. You can get details on how to sign up here.


You offer 1-2-1 sessions via Skype or FaceTime, does this mean that participants can be located anywhere?

Absolutely! So for those who don’t want to come to the workshop I’m offering the same programme one to one online and via Skype/FaceTime. That means that participants can live anywhere in the world!

We will work through the steps one at a time at their pace (although I do keep them motivated and focussed!). We book in a couple of Skype/FaceTime calls to coach them through the process and there is unlimited email contact with me until they are happy with having created a totally irresistible profile.


Can you give me an example of a common mistake people make on their dating profiles and how you might fix it?

So many profiles look exactly the same, a list of things people like doing, adjectives to make them look interesting, activities they take part in and then a list of requirements of the person they are looking for….it’s like a great long shopping list!

How about this instead?

In one of my dating profiles I could have said – I get on well with my almost grown up children, I am open minded, I like travel to hot countries, sitting in the sunshine, good food and wine.  I’m a writer, I have a sense of humour……now how much better does this sound and yet shows rather than tells exactly the same?

We were sitting on the balcony of our Sicilian holiday apartment watching the sun set over Mount Etna after another day in the baking 40ºc heat, you know the kind of heat that requires nothing more than a chilled drink in the shade of an ancient olive tree!

Mum, would you ever have a tattoo? I was asked.

The conversation had begun after watching the many medalled athletes displaying their inked Olympic rings on their arms, feet, and torsos.

And there I was listening to myself say (perhaps it was the local Sicilian wine) that Id never say never to anything. Tattoos, symbolic to the wearer were permitted, tattoos had at 2am on a girlsor boysweek in Magaluf were banned!

So how about me then?I asked.

Well words, of course Mum! One of your favourite quotes tattooed discreetly would be good! Language plays such a huge part in your life, isnt it obvious?!

(Disclaimer: no tattoos yet!)


When will the programme begin and how can people who are interested get more information/sign up?

Our first workshop is on Saturday 14th February. Yes, that’s Valentine’s Day and the worst day for many singles so what better way than to spend it doing something for themselves, creating an irresistible profile profile and getting ready to raise their online presence? Here are the details.

If people would prefer to work directly with me, they don’t live in London, don’t want to do a workshop or would rather space the steps out to pace themselves, then my 7 steps are up and running right now. Drop me an email to or read further details here.

And if people would just like to sort themselves out with some new photos like these for their dating profile, they can reach Saskia, the UK’s only specialist dating photographer, by emailing



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