How to be irresistible to men & women online


How to be irresistible online: Let’s begin with your profile

Is your current profile getting you the attention you deserve? Do you look at your profile and get a sinking feeling? Does your profile truly represent you?

What you want is a profile that stands out from all the rest, one that catches the attention of plenty of potential dates. You want a profile that’s really you, one that shows you at your very best.  I will show you my 6 tips on how to be irresistible online…

Here are 6 ways to ensure that you get that stand out profile

  • Write a headline that’s a hook. When it comes to online dating we all have short attention spans. The idea of your headline is to act like a giant hook. You want to write something that grabs attention, something that makes someone smile or say “I want to know more.” The point of your headline is to invite someone in to read your profile.  You want to spark someone’s curiosity, you want to leave them wanting to know more, right?
  • Show don’t tell. This is where you really get to show who you are rather than telling in a long list of hobbies, interests and whatever comes to mind. This is your chance to showcase who you are. Think of it as a snap shot of your life, a micro story if you like.  Write a brief day in the life of story that really captures who you are and what makes you you. How about instead of listing off things like: “I’m open minded, like travel to hot countries, enjoy good food and wine, get on well with people, have a sense of humour”, (you know the stuff we read in EVERY profile), how about something different? How about sharing a moment from your holiday in Sicily with your best friends? The conversation you had in the shade of an ancient olive tree with chilled Sicilian wine?
  • Be interesting and be positive. I know you’re in a hurry to get a profile written so you can begin dating but when you make the effort it’s easy to stand out. Be positive in how you write about yourself, your profile really is your very own press release. Ask yourself when you’ve read through your profile, “Would I date me?”
  • Get creative. Instead of reeling off a list of hobbies, sports, leisure activities and pastimes as well as a shopping list of requirements of your ideal date, how about weaving these throughout your profile. Remember, your profile is a snapshot of who you are, you don’t need to give them everything in one go. How about, “I imagine myself with a man/woman who enjoys …” would be a good place to start. ‘Locking eyes across a crowded room is where my imagination takes me, I’m attracted to a man/woman who…” you fill in the blanks and then get creating your own.
  • Ditch the clichés. Everyone likes curling up watching films, likes country walks, meeting up with mates and has a good sense of humour. Most profiles are cliché ridden. Yours will not be like that! The moment you feel a cliché coming on, stop yourself and write something much more appealing! Be creative, be witty, choose your words with care so that your profile is different from the hundreds of others your potential date will be looking at.
  • Get awesome photos. There is no excuse for shabby photos! I’ve seen way too many bathroom selfies, blurred photos, and photos where an ex has been cropped out. Just don’t! Have some pride in yourself and your appearance online. Make sure your photos really rock.


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